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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Need A Housekeeper

Woke in the night to a howling wind and it kept right on howling all day.  We managed to walk this morning, perhaps a little faster with the wind pushing us along!  Did my exercises and started cleaning and cleaned and cleaned—by noon I was deciding I needed a housekeeper for sure.  When you are gone for more than 3 months, dust takes up residence, cobwebs grow by the foot and dirt just seems to multiply.  I had dust bunnies the size of Emmi!  But, most of the cleaning is done, I still have to do light fixtures and kitchen cabinets but the most of it is finished.

Mike made a run into town to pick up our tax return but our accountant was not available.  Michael could have just picked up the return but needed to talk to Bob so we will have to go back into town again later this week.

Tonight Nancy and Geoff hosted a little neighborhood happy hour.  Everyone contributed something to munch on and it was great to visit and see everyone again.  George, we missed you, we will be thinking of you tomorrow.

We left Emmi “home alone” tonight and she was a good girl and so glad to see us when we got home.  She is the sweetest little dog and so much fun.

A very windy, stormy looking day and evening!

Wintery Boone Mtn Storm coming











  1. I'm glad Emmi is doing well and being her usual cute little self ! Hope she does not have anymore problems with her leg.


  2. Gee you would think the Seasonal Fairies would have come and cleaned your house for you!

    Karen and Steve


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