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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laundry Done

Yea, we both slept so well last night that when I got up at 5am I felt great—must have been hallucinating, right??  Emmi was wondering why in the world I was getting her out of the crate and taking her outside so early in the morning.  Laundry was on my agenda today and I wanted to be at the laundromat in Parker before 7:30am to beat the crowd.  Well, there is no beating the crowd at that laundromat, when I walked in at 7:15am there were three ladies all ready there in various stages of getting the laundry done.  I was in and out in just over an hour and headed to Wal Mart for grocery shopping and finished up at Safeway. 

Someone turned winter back on today, when I came out of Wal Mart, it was cloudy, spitting rain, very windy and cold (50ish).  The wind continued to really howl all day until late afternoon.  Mike and Emmi took a very long walk this morning, Emmi and I tried to take one this afternoon but the wind was so strong the poor little pooch almost couldn’t walk into the wind.

I spent the afternoon sewing and had a ball—I am making great progress with the Christmas wall hanging I started this past winter before we left Montana.  The center of the quilt is a panel and it has pieced borders.  When I finish piecing I will post a photo.

Mike spent the day computering and reading, Rollie stopped by to bring us chocolate muffins Gina had made—YUM—and then Mike went back with Rollie to pick up some of Gina’s taco soup.  We had the soup for dinner and it was so good—I definitely need that recipe!

Tonight we are just staying in and relaxing, life is very good.

The photos tonight were taken by Michael during his walk this morning.

Distant view saguaros

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  1. I admire your quilt making. That is something I have not tried and I don't think I will. My daughter does and she really likes it but now she is into knitting. Looking forward to the picture,


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