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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emmi Gets A Haircut

After a leisurely morning using the computers, drinking coffee and having breakfast we took a nice long hike.  The dry washes here in this area are more narrow and deep forming miniature canyons across the desert.  We were out for almost two hours, it felt good to walk again.  The dirt and rocks are many different hues, in one wash we found red rocks like in this photo, in another spot we found huge almost purple slabs of rock.  There is a cave in the mountain side and Mike wants to hike up there and take flashlights. Hmmmmm?  Wonder what kind of critters live in Arizona caves???  See the dark half circle in the middle of the photo—that’s the cave.

Wash Cave

Emmi needed her “do” spiffed up so I got out all the tools and she and I began to do battle.  The first time I cut her hair she was really good, not today!  We struggled and as a result I am less than satisfied with the end look!  But it will do.

Packed up the three quilts I had finished and sent them off to Arkansas today.  Spent some time soaking up some sun today (hope my dermatologist doesn’t read this) and relaxing.  Michael go a painting started, took a nap and bought and sold some stocks.  That’s about it for our day.

Tonight we are in for a treat—Gina is making gumbo! 


  1. "Wonder what kind of critters live in Arizona caves???" careful!! It's getting to be that wake up time for these guys.

  2. A word of advice, keep the locations of all those pretty rocks secret or Gina will be loading them on the Volvo to take back to

  3. Al is right. Rattlesnakes prefer caves. So do mountain lions and other critters that like to stay out of the sun. Snakes are also likely to be in holes beside or under rocks. Arizona is exceptionally pretty right now but the snakes are waking up. Please be very careful...espcially Emmi...walking around. Dogs like to sniff and investigate these holes and caves. Not good in Arizona.


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