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Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Mexico We Go

Whew—we never get up to an alarm clock any more but did this morning—YUK!  Our plans were to head to Yuma really early, walk across the border and get back into the US before the line got really long.  We dropped Emmi off with Dave about 7:20 and with a little waiting for the construction pilot car we were walking into Mexico just before 10am.  Went straight to the purple pharmacy (so named because the buildings of which there are several are all purple and so are the shopping bags they give you) got our list of medications and were walking out of Mexico by 10:30.  The border crossing line was only about 10 minutes long as compared to the three hour wait we had one afternoon last March.  Total success!

Glad we saved some money on medications because on the way to Yuma a gravel truck passed us going the opposite direction and tossed out a major size rock hitting us square in the middle of the windshield.  It is, needless to say not one of the rock chips that is fixable!

In the parking lot on the US side of the border I saw a couple that I thought looked familiar.  As they walked by I turned to look again and the man was looking at me, I said, “Tom?” and he said, “Janna?”  We met Tom and Sally a couple of years ago when we rented a private lot at the Escapees Park in Congress, AZ.  They also own a lot there and were our neighbors during our stay. 

Once back in Yuma we hit Home Depot for a new kitchen faucet for the motor home.  Famous Dave’s for lunch (yes we are in a rut but it is so good) and then to Target.  Why is it that when you are looking for that exact gift you have had in mind for weeks it is never in the store when you go to shop for that gift??  That was my experience in Target today!  Our last stop was Sam’s Club—I would see something and say, “that would be nice.”  Michael would reply, “it won’t fit.”  We were driving the convertible so shopping at Sam’s Club was limited!

Back home we picked up our mail from the Bouse post office and Emmi from Dave’s rig.  It was so good to roll into our little slice of desert this afternoon.  Ellie and Gina had prepared an awesome supper—Gina made a fresh strawberry/spinach salad and Ellie and Jim collaborated on the rest of the meal—grilled chicken and pork with potatoes and squash.  Ellie made a wonderful fruit salad for dessert. 

After telling stories and visiting for a while we all waddled to our respective rigs.  What a beautiful, perfect day.

Happy Hour in the desert From the left, Gina, Rollie, Mike, Jim and Ellie—yesterday’s happy hour.


  1. I see your friends have an EXCEL. That is the brand of my big camper. I really need to come to the desert next year. I will be practicing on my skills.

  2. You look so relaxed sitting in front of the MH. Very enviable.That used to be us a few years ago. Unfortunately no longer. I miss it!

  3. We wondered if an early jaunt across into Mex would be rewarded with a quick line coming back.
    We have heard so much about the famous long lines! LOL I have a hard time standing that long, so we talked about early runs if need be. Thanks for answering our question!

    We were at an auction and Steve found this walking cane the folds out into a sitting stool. He said THAT is what I need. And he BID and WON! I think he paid a buck. LOL LOL

    Karen and Steve


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