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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Starting To Pack

We woke to a glorious morning again but that blasted wind came back right on schedule about 8am---GRRRR—but it is March isn’t it?? 

We took a long walk again running into Jim, Ellie and the furkids, joining them for a while before branching off on our own.  Beating up on Emmi See how those two big schnauzers beat up on my little Emmi??—she asks for every bit of it believe me!

Michael wanted to show me another small cave he had found—it had evidence that someone had used it for camping at one point in time, there were smoke stains on the ceiling.  There were also a lot of piled rock formations around the cave, we speculated that maybe some hippies with too much time on their hands had piled these rocks.

When we got back we started to sort and pack—yes, we have decided to head out of this area about Sunday provided my package arrives at the post office on Friday.  We are going to spend some time in Ajo and then travel to the Tombstone/Pearce/Sierra Vista area.  We have accumulated a few things since arriving in the desert and now it was time to find a spot for all that stuff.  I sorted quilting tools and fabric finally getting it back into the bins and back into the motor home.

I made taco salads for lunch then we gathered up all the multiple bags of garbage—the refuse station in Bouse is only open Thurs., Fri., and Saturday every week—and headed into town.  Refuse station, post office to mail stuff and check on a package, drove around looking at real estate then stopped at the little grocery store for jalpenoes and ice cream sandwiches. 

Emmi and I took a walk this afternoon late after I sat out reading and enjoying some sunshine, the rig blocks the wind enough that it is pleasant to be outside.  We stopped to chat with Rollie and Gina and migrated over to Jim and Ellie’s for a short chat.  Rollie and Gina have a HUGE collection of great movies and I brought the whole kit and kaboodle home with me—we are going to watch The Bucket List tonight.  Wish I had discovered this private movie store when Gina and Rollie first got here and not when we are getting ready to leave!

Tomorrow there is a town wide garage sale and vendors in Bouse—so off we go—can’t buy anything though, no room!

Dove in Arizona The birds were singing while we were out walking this morning, I caught this morning dove in an old dead tree and this quail in another tree—quail are hard to photograph, they are very fast especially when one little black dog is chasing them!Quail in AZ

Morning view

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  1. Oh such big bad doggies.... LOL and Emmi looks like she is soooo terrorized!

    I like that idea of going to the garage sales, but can't buy anything. It's fun to just look!

    Karen and Steve


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