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Friday, July 19, 2013

Where Was Rollie When We Needed Him??

In 2010 when Michael was so ill and Gina and Rollie were staying here with us we experienced septic tank issues—because we live on the side of a hill beside a creek we must by law have our drain field located somewhere else—in our case up the hill in the field.  That means we have two septic tanks and the liquids are pumped up the hill to that drain field.  Our pump failed when Rollie and Gina were here.  While Michael could operate the mini-excavator for the digging he was physically unable to do much else—Rollie was a God send to say the least.

IMG_7507Look familiar Rollie????

Well—today I was doing a load of laundry and heard water gurgling in the sink—uh,oh—that never happens.  I quickly shut off the washer and waited for Michael to come back.  My news of course did not make him a happy man! Sad smileWith all that said, we had a blockage in the line which comes from the house into the first tank.  Here’s what my handy husband used as a “snake” for clearing the pipe--

IMG_7509Yep, barbed wire, only a rancher!

I did some weed whacking and caught up the ironing—exciting, huh! 

My day lilies are loaded with blossoms this year—sure hope Emmi can keep those deer run out of the yard!!



  1. There is always something that breaks or goes wrong and has Just glad that Mike felt good enough to be able to tackle the job. That day lily is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. No matter what happens at your place, you have the right tools to get the job done. And now a new use for barbed wire. Good idea though!

  3. Yes Janna I do remember that sight. Glad it was just a clog and not a pump replacement. Sure miss you guys. At least you left your mom down here for some good southern cooking.
    Rollie & Gina

  4. There's nothing worse than septic tank problems for sure. Glad Michael was able to fix it with resorting to an excavator.

  5. That is definitely a clever snake!! Glad the clog cleared up without too much work.

  6. At least he got to play with man toys and there was not "stuff" bubbling out of the ground.

  7. I have noticed the day lilies around here are so beautiful this year also.

    I better not tell Paul about the barbed might give him more ideas.

  8. Janna, I've been meaning to tell you about a product I've used to keep the deer away. They ate all my plants and trees down to nothing last year. It is called Liquid Fence. We spray about every two weeks or so. There is also a granular form we used on the yard. We used to have a herd of 30+ deer in our yard every day....I haven't seen any in weeks! And all my plants are just gorgeous. Good luck!


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