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Friday, July 12, 2013

We Take A Drive and Another Drive

Michael headed to the hayfields early this morning, Jim and Ellie came over, sat on the deck and used the Clark’s internet café and I visited with a customer who brought me a quilt top for quilting. 

After a quick lunch I asked Jim and Ellie if they would like to go for a drive and the answer was a resounding “yes!” We loaded all three dogs and all three people into the jeep and started up the Boulder.  It was a spectacular day and we certainly had a wonderful time!  Ellie took all the photos in tonight's blog.

IMG_9805Emmi helping me drive.


Back home we found Michael almost finished with what hay was dry enough to bale.  And we were off on another drive heading “over the hill” on the West Boulder to Livingston.  Jim and Ellie were treating us to dinner at our favorite restaurant!

IMG_9848And either I was really hungry or the food was just the best tonight!  Plus we had a great young lady waiting on us!

IMG_9846IMG_9852Breathtaking scenery, great friends, good food—what more could a person ask for on a beautiful Montana day!


  1. You are so making me want to be there now! We go in August to Western Montana and fish out of a wonderful lake. Looking forward to being there. Thanks for the gorgeous photos and reminders of how beautiful it is there. K-

  2. Montana is sure beautiful. We always enjoyed the drive through.

  3. Furry companion Emmi is too cute! Beautiful Montana scenery - thanks for sharing...

  4. I think the second and last pictures would make great jigsaw puzzles. :) Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful scenery pictures! Now I remember why I liked Montana. Emmi is just to cute!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful mountain country you live in. Pristine is one word that comes to mind! You guys are great hosts.

  7. Montana really is beautiful this year. Last summer we couldn't breathe because of the forest fires. This year the skies are filled with beautiful clouds. Loving it.

  8. Loved that shake. Definitely not like Dairy Queen.


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