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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Fun Filled Trip

IMG_7341Unlike Emmi, Jill and Terry’s pooch, an Airedale named Red, was able to see over the dash—his first motorhome ride—he was a trooper.

Arriving at Jill and Terry’s little cabin in Driggs, ID on a very hot afternoon their driveway challenged our expert motorhome backer upper, Mr. Clark—and he can back up anything!  It took us a few tries, we lopped a few tree limbs and eventually we persevered.  By that time everyone was ready for an adult beverage to say the least!  We ran the generator and two air conditioners all the way to Driggs—it was 99 degrees when we arrived.

After recovering from our drive we headed out to take a little tour and find some dinner.  I wrote about our experiences in this little community a couple weeks ago—we worked with Terry and lived in tents for a summer in 1998.  Well—little Driggs and Victor, Idaho have changed immensely in 15 years.  There are mega houses, golf courses, new shops, and lots more people!

IMG_7313This is the barn we helped build that summer and the aspen trees just behind the horses are the little trees we planted.  We found dinner at a great Mexican food restaurant—I’m not crazy about Mexican food which comes all piled on your plate running together.  This food was delicious and beautifully presented.

IMG_7317The view behind Jill and Terry’s cabin. 

July 4—it’s parade day in Victor, ID.  The owner of the Mexican food restaurant from the night before had warned us to get there early—it would be crowded and she wasn’t wrong.  In 1998 when we watched the parade, it probably lasted less than 30 minutes and there might have been 500 people watching.  We arrived about 8:30am for a parade start time of 10:30—the town was busy, busy all ready.  A pancake breakfast was being served and we got in line—not a bad breakfast for $5!


Finding a shady spot we settled in to wait for the parade moving our chairs out into the sun when it was almost time for it to start.  By then the little town was packed—Once again, it was all about the small town atmosphere—flags, the National Anthem sung beautifully by a couple, kids grabbing candy, fire trucks, floats and hot sun—July the 4th in the USA.



IMG_7331There is a functioning drive-in theater still in operation, the Spud (you are in Idaho) Drive-In Theatre, I liked their “spud” float.

IMG_7332This was my favorite float in the parade from a local nursery—probably a dozen small wagons being pulled behind this tractor making a snaking effect as the driver followed the parade route—workers alongside this float were passing out small plants such as petunias or impatiens instead of candy. 

Back at the house we had some lunch then Jill and I headed back downtown to check out some of the little shops.  Dinner and a little music capped off our July 4. 


This morning we all woke early and begin to get ready for departure unfortunately—back to the real world of jobs, weed whacking, mowing and haying.  IMG_7339

We dropped Jill and Terry in town, the motorhome is unloaded and we are relaxing gearing up for a busy day tomorrow I am sure.


  1. Small town 4th's can't be beat. We used to always go to Lambert for their "big" parade and bbq. Helena didn't have a parade so we just spent the day at home. Glad you made it back safe.

  2. Your small town parade was much fancier than ours. I love the Spud Drive In float. And how neat of an idea to give away plants instead of candy. I'm sure the kids wouldn't agree.

    Sounds like a nice 4th of July!

  3. Great small town 4th of July parade! That was quite the huge barn you guys helped build!

  4. Wow, now you put a lot of work into that Blog! You didn't do that in any 10 minutes. It makes me remember all the time I spent doing that. Kinda glad I'm still on suspension!! Although at least a dozen people really gave me the dickens for not publishing it at least once in a while. Unreal, people I didn't even know. But you know what, I'm still kinda happy just not being obligated to do it...... I've never really been very nice to myself,,,, and I guess its time. Ya know...
    Looks like you guys had a fun 4TH......


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