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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mountains and Dogs and Birds

We are so blessed to live here—I can remember vividly the first time Michael brought me “up the Boulder” and gave me a tour of his land and partially finished home.  It must have been love, too—this city girl moved into a house which had a wood burning cook stove, a refrigerator and a dishwasher.  No sink but a dishwasher—the cowboy had his priorities straight!  No kitchen cabinets, no flooring—only particle board, yep, it must have been love.  We had some glorious times in that house as this was our view from there--IMG_7515Michael was working as a ranch manager on a place near Big Timber and housing was provided.  The house on the East Boulder had very little furniture—a bed, an old dining table and a wicker couch in the living room.  We used to pull that wicker couch up in front of the big windows looking out over this view, prop our feet on the window sill and drink wine and eat popcorn.  I have never been happier in spite of that wood burning cook stove, which by the way, I did learn to use very well!

IMG_7512 Nat came for lunch Sunday and Emmi decided his lap was the place to be—he isn’t asleep, just looking down at her.  She rarely gets in anyone’s lap other than Michael’s or mine—Nat was tickled she chose to honor him! 


IMG_7527And we have another nest of robin babies—the nest is in the same spot year after year—we have hops vines growing up the deck support timbers--the robins build their nest on the crossbeams of the deck support sheltered by the huge leaves of the hops plants. 

I finished Gina’s quilt today and got another one loaded—until I realized the backing was going the wrong direction, the “tree” pattern in the fabric was going sideways instead of up and down.


  1. With that view I would have loved it also, cook stove and all. Hey, you had a dishwasher!!

  2. Those baby robins are so cute. And it is so neat that Emmi decided to just make Nat's day.

  3. Janna * what a fun block today. A little of this and a little of that. Loved the baby Robins. Thanks for taking the time to blog for us each day. Becki

  4. Emmi looks very, very comfortable on Nat's lap - so does Nat!


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