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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Own Personal Chef

Jim and Ellie treated us to dinner tonight—they both served as chef, Jim grilling the steaks on the charcoal Weber and Ellie grilling potato wedges on the propane grill.  The food was outstanding!  I provided dessert—homemade peach ice cream—that ice cream maker is gonna be the death of all of us! 

Jim was heading down the driveway in search of the laundromat early this morning.  The two of them took off for Bozeman and a Wal Mart after lunch—Ellie had a prescription which needed filling.  Michael spent the day cutting hay and I quilted, loading and finishing a small little quilt for Shirley.  


IMG_7364See how far Emmi has thrown back her head—she was howling, telling Mr. Bo Jangles and Jasmine it was time to come out and play!

IMG_7366Jim manning the grills.

It was a hot one here in Montana today, 91 degrees and unfortunately Jim and Ellie’s air conditioner won’t run on our 20amp plug—we may need to upgrade our RV park electricity service! SmileThey simply started up their generator and cooled down the coach.  At least at night the temps cool way down and you are usually reaching for a blanket before morning. 

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  1. Boy, Emmi was really serious about her friends coming out to play! Hope they were allowed out.


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