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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bull In Hiding

Today was a “why we live in Montana” kind of day—a breeze, cooler temps and bright blue sunshine—until last this afternoon when the thunderclouds begin to build.  As I type this blog we have had a few rain sprinkles and a whole lot of thunder.

IMG_7344“If I just stare straight ahead I know they won’t see me!!”  This big fellow has been hanging out just over our fence on property belonging to our neighbor through which we have an easement.  Our neighbor came up the other day looking for the bull but at that time he was so well hidden we hadn’t seen him.  We’ve let our neighbor know where the bull is hiding but they are busy haying right now—the bull is on their property so it doesn’t really matter, he has lots of grass and water.  Bulls don’t get along and this big guy must have been shoved out of the “boy’s group.” 

Today was a catch up day—mowing, weed whacking, garden weeding and Michael started cutting some of the hay.  Summer time in Montana, busy time in Montana.  We enjoyed some fresh radishes from our garden and we will have lettuce any day now.  Yea!

I’m in the process of setting up the new HP printer—wish me luck!!


  1. I sure wish you luck setting any sort of printer up! I don't think I've ever seen a herd of cows with more than one bull. Is the guy in the photo a bull or maybe a steer?

  2. Hope they get their bull back home without too much commotion. Now back to work, after a fun Fourth!!!


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