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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Granddaughters And Health Care

We have the best granddaughters—Laci is about to leave the military after serving over five years and doing a tour in Iraq.  She is now married to a wonderful man, John, who is also in the USAF and is staying in.  She posted this photo on Facebook recently and I loved it!

Don’t know who the grinning guy behind her is.

Photo: Dirty dash Brooke Griffin Kmetz Mitch Bundy Wyatt Hammersmark Elly Gilbert JaworsAnd I will probably catch heck for posting this photo of Katie but I like it too.  This is the second year she has participated in this race and somehow she conned her husband Michael into keeping  her company this year—Katie and Michael are the couple on the left.  I took the following quote from the Billings Gazette,”

“The Dirty Dash tours towns across the western U.S., partnering with a local charity in each town. In Billings, Dirty Dash teamed up with the YMCA, which will receive a percentage of the registration fees from the event.

Pre-race day registration fees started at $35 a person and increased until Saturday, when it cost $55 to do the mud run.”

OK—health care and NO, I am not jumping into any bear pit this time!!!  I am actually giving the ole USA health care a pat on the back today!!  For over two years I’ve had hip pain—only when sitting or laying down—it would wake me up at night hurting, riding in a car (which you all know we do a lot of around here) really causes it to flare.  I tried the regular stuff—exercise, Advil, massage, heat, ice, etc., avoiding going to the doctor as my then health insurance had a $6000 deductible.  All the remedies I tried helped some but there was still that aggravating ache.

Fast forward to Michael working for Rollie, having great health insurance and me continuing that health insurance under the COBRA law.  I’ve met the deductible due to the procedures I had on my varicose veins while in Texas.  I saw a family practice physician last Thursday and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon whom I saw today—that’s fast!! 

Young guy with an excellent bedside manner—I gave him lots of grief as any self respecting retired operating room nurse manager should!!  I asked him, “are you a pain in the butt in the OR or are you one of the few nice ones??”  When he stopped laughing he replied, “I would like to think I am the latter.” 

OK—diagnosis—bursitis.  The surgeon paid me a great compliment as he was injecting my hip, “gee, this is great, I rarely get to do any sort of procedures on people as skinny as you.”  I could have hugged him, it’s been a long time since anyone called me skinny!!! Smile

On to Costco to pick up the prescription for an anti-inflammatory and I got another shock.  When I changed the health insurance to a COBRA policy I received a new prescription drug plan card in the mail.  I presented that little card, the young woman comes back out with my pills and said, “that will be $0.70.”  I almost fainted!  Seems it is an inexpensive drug but my little ole drug plan knocked another $5.00 off the cost making the pills only $0.70 for a thirty day supply!! 

So, I am thrilled with my USA healthcare experience today at least!! 

Michael had a great day too—he and four other guys took the ATV’s up the Boulder to Independence, an old abandoned gold mining ghost town. 

Emmi stayed home alone and was thrilled to see me!!


  1. Gorgeous granddaughters. Great news about the hip. Does he think the shot will take care of it for you or will you need more later down the road. $0.70 is a great deal. Wish all our pills were like that.

  2. We sure appreciate you granddaughter's service!

  3. My goodness, you health care experience today seemed almost "Canadian"!

    The photo of you granddaughter in the airplane is a beauty - as she is. So is the other granddaughter who was in the race!

  4. I had a bout of that in my shoulder well I was in the US last winter. Painful but the Cortisone shot worked wonders. I hope it works for you too. It was cheaper for me to just pay the Doc than to make a claim through our Canadian insurance. I am not sure what Rick is talking about but as you know I have been waiting years to see Ortho Doctors.

    You must be so proud of both of those Granddaughters.

    1. Brenda, my comment was simply that Janna's visit to the Doctor was completely covered with no co-pay, deductible or whatever (like in Canada) and her prescription cost was also mostly covered (like in Canada with the plans we have). That's all.

  5. Maybe Rick and I are too healthy?? I don't even know what Brenda is talking about. I have NEVER had to make any claims for ANYTHING! I have had every scan and test known. I have had my veins done (like you)..had three babies in the hospital. I have gone to emergency at the hospital about 6-10 times, gone to specialists (with a few weeks wait..)...and have never made a claim nor paid a cent. I show my Care Card and that's it. If I was Brenda I would be going back to my family doctor and asking to be referred to another Ortho Doctor. Also when down in the States we get Travel Insurance to cover the high cost of US health care.

    Love that photo of your Grand-daughter!! She is incredibly beautiful!

  6. You nurses make the worst patients!!! Haha!! So glad you got the bursitis taken care off. That can be so painful.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. I bet the family is thrilled she is getting out of the service. Love the Dirty Dash! Our daughter is doing the Dirty Girl Run on the 10th. Should be a blast.


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