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Monday, July 8, 2013

We Are Creating Again Plus Visitors

In last nights’ blog I made reference to, “Michael spent the day making brown spots.”  Only John and Pam from Oh The Places They Go commented about the brown spots—I had hoped to get some guessing going!  Michael likes to play with his big boy toys—the backhoe, the excavator, and the skidsteer.  He is forever building roads or pads for buildings and is is forever telling me we need a new road here or there.  Pretty soon our 40 acres will be one big road! SmileSometimes I put my foot down and say no to any more brown spots with no grass but the newest brown spot he is creating is going to be beautiful.  Our house, even though it sits along a creek in a grove of aspen trees gets way too much sun all day long.  Our deck on the creek side is shady for just a couple hours each morning then is in full blown sun for the rest of the day.  Hot, to say the least!  IMG_7349

Not long after building this house Michael and his Dad decided to build a bridge from our deck over the creek to the other side—I call it the bridge to nowhere as there is nothing on the other side of the creek.  Well, there will soon be.  Michael has leveled a large spot for a patio and started a rock retaining wall.  We are going to have a rock floor and he is going to build me a pergola for shade—I am so excited.  The area will even have some sort of fireplace!  IMG_7353

I spent the day getting ready for company—Jim and Ellie have been at the Escapee’s Escapade in Gillette, WY and after getting a quick fix for a leaky air problem at the Freightliner facility this morning they were headed our way.  About 4:15pm, they called as they were motoring through Big Timber and heading up the Boulder.  They are here, parked in our driveway and we are so glad to see them!

IMG_7355We do offer our guests quite the view, don’t we!

After letting them level and set up we all gathered on the deck for happy hour followed by a wonderful dinner of ribs (Kansas City Kelly style), Pioneer Woman smashed hot potatoes, and a salad.  Dessert was homemade chocolate ice cream.  We have so looked forward to having these guys visit us—even Emmi is glad to have her schnauzer friends visit!



  1. i figured the brown spots were from Michael slipping in to snatch a spoonful of that homemade chocolate ice cream on the run :))

  2. I hope your new shade spot is done when we arrive in October. How fun to have Jim and Ellie visiting. Can you hold them their until we arrive in the fall lol or better yet point them towards the border.

  3. I think Mike's nickname should be 'Gopher'!!!! Your new shade spot should be wonderful, keep us posted on its progress!!!

  4. It's nice to have the 'big boy' toys for the work you two undertake. That shaded deck are will be nice.

    Your guests do have a really nice view.

  5. Had to go back and read your brown spot post. Somehow I missed it. The patio will be nice, I'm sure.

  6. Thanks for clearing up the "brown spots." Makes perfect sense now. Men and their toys!

    You do offer a beautiful view! Maybe someday we'll get that way again to sample it:)

  7. You have a wonderful view and I hope your "shade spot" turns out great. You know you really tempt people who are trying to diet with those mouth-watering descriptions of food! Seriously, it sounds like you had a great time with great friends! :-)

  8. Now when Mike gets all that done - have him build you a "little house". We just built (or had someone else build) a 12 foot by 24 foot cabin with a 10 by 24 foot screened in porch across the front and an 8 by 10 foot porch on the back.....we have a bedroom bathroom a place for a kitchen and a living area ---email me at and I will send pics---say hi to ellie and jim from jenny j


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