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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Only In Montana and Haying For 2013 Is Finished

We hauled the last load of hay over to Lonn and LoraLee’s this morning early, retrieving the tractor and baler.  We came upon this scene:

IMG_7451only in Montana, right in the middle of the road—there was room to pass on the left of the rig.  The poor thing has a broken axle.  Many people do not realize how rough some of the county roads in our part of the country are—we’ve seen some really nice RV’s up the Boulder—and wondered if the kitchen cabinets were still attached to the walls or did the cabinets vibrate off???IMG_7453Bringing the haying equipment home—our tractor and baler are old, really old—Michael had just climbed Wolf Hill, a really steep incline and before he topped the hill I could see diesel exhaust smoke rising above the horizon in the rear view mirror so I stopped to take this photo.

I finished Shirley’s last quilt and delivered it to her today.  She and George are off to Vancouver Island tomorrow for an extended fishing trip.  This last quilt for her is simply beautiful—I love the cool pastel colors and the whimsical stars—it finished up beautifully!  I thought about keeping this one for myself, you think Shirley would have understood????




Haying is finished for the year, now Michael is back to work on his 1995 diesel—he got a new set of books today.


  1. Gorgeous quilt. It looks light and summery to me. You are so right about some of our back roads. Definitely not for RV's. And not for a lot of cars.

  2. Love the quilt. Just beautiful. We went to visit friends a few years on a mountain top outside of Reno, Nevada. I was following Joe (he was driving the motorhome) in the Malibu. And I too wondered if the cabinets would still be attached to the wall or be on the floor by the time we got to the top! When I opened the door, I had forgotten to put my laptop on the bed, and it was on the floor. Otherwise everything was pretty much ok.... But we won't do it again.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt...and your quilting is sheer perfection!! Team work at it's finest!

  4. those bumpy country roads can do a number on a RV..even a little pop up!
    We had a television come right off the shelf..yes it was strapped in..fell face first onto the dinette cushion..not broken and still worked just fine, thank goodness!!

  5. Like Paulette said. sheer perfection.

  6. Poor pop up!

    That quilt is beautiful. Amazing detail! Great job, Janna!

  7. That broken axle was no fun for the folks who suffered the break. I hope they had some quick service to get back on the road.

    That is one great looking quilt. It looks like it required a lot of thought and a lot of time too!


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