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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Shoes

On the motorhome that is—the tires on our motorhome still have good tread but are old—so we made the decision to bite the bullet and purchase two new ones for the front.  That took a hefty chunk out of the budget for sure$$$$$$!!  We were on the road to Billings early yesterday morning trying to beat the heat of the day and ran into a Montana traffic jam:

IMG_7299The person on horseback at the rear of the cattle in the middle of the road is our friend Jim and the cattle belong to another friend, Roger.

Remember that Canon Pixma printer I bought which was so hard to install, causing me many new gray hairs.  Since that time I have had more problems—I don’t print something every day—and the printer seemed to lose its settings if not used over a period of time.  I spent so much time on the phone with Canon tech support they should have paid me wages!!  Over the weekend it wouldn’t print again—done—packed up in its box and returned to Costco.  I purchased another HP—we will see if this one is any better.


Our strawberries are prolific little things and I picked another big batch today.  We couldn’t possibly eat that many strawberries before they began to get too ripe so I made jam.  I’ve never made freezer jam before but have tasted my SIL Vicky’s which was delicious.  It’s quick and easy plus it doesn’t heat up the kitchen boiling water, etc.


And speaking of heating up the kitchen, what happened to our mild, wonderful Montana summers????  It was 93 degrees here today heating our house up to a wonderful 80 degrees—we have no air conditioning!  The basement feels incredibly cool so I spent some time down there ironing!Smile


  1. We saw our first real cattle round up on one of our motorcycle trips through Montana. We just sat there in the road totally enjoying the happenings. Real cowboy movie action!

    Strawberry freezer jam is so good. I use to make it when the kids were little (a million years ago). I always thought it tasted more like fresh strawberries than the cooked jam.

    Strawberry do you keep the worms from eating the berries? My daughter is trying to grow berries but last year and this year, the worms ate them before they fully ripened.

  2. The jam looks good. I am almost tempted to sleep in our basement if it doesn't cool down soon lol. The Motor Home is put away or I would be in that right now. Much cooler tomorrow and I can't wait

  3. Oh that jam will taste really good, when you're having your breakfast and watching it snow!!! Its coming, you know!!

  4. The jam is delicious over vanilla ice cream!

  5. Freezer jam is what Paulette usually makes with blackberries and raspberries - both of my favourite jams. I'll be your strawberry jam is terrific too!

  6. A few years ago, the tires on my motorhome looked new, but apparently were old. I had a blow-out on one of the rear left tires that did significant damage to my water pipes. Needless to say, you made a good decision!

    Your homemade jam looks "yummy-licious!"


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