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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Until The Next Time

It was with sadness we said our goodbyes to Jim and Ellie this morning and watched them head off down the driveway.  Just as their brake lights were disappearing I remembered the rhubarb cake I had packaged up for Ellie was still sitting on the kitchen counter—sorry Ellie! Sad smile

IMG_7423Remember the neighbor’s bull—well sometimes last night he decided the grass was greener on our side of the fence and preceded to make himself at home playing soccer with Michael’s hay bales, rolling them down the hill and leaving one in the irrigation ditch.  Michael escorted the bull back to his side of the fence and repaired our fencing.

Michael spent the rest of the day baling hay finishing up with all our fields.  He retrieved the hay he had baled at the neighbors and stacked everything in the fenced hay yard.  I think he is heading off to Lonn’s tomorrow to bale some for him.

I quilted in between fixing lunch for Nat.  I finished another little quilt for Shirley and took both of the quilts to her.  I have one more larger one for her and it is on the frame and started.


That’s about it for our day here on the Boulder.  Here’s a little video I took of Emmi chasing the end of Michael’s weed hook—she will chase anything—a shovel, a rake, etc.


  1. That Emmi is a corker! Made me chuckle.

  2. I hope you find a good home for the rhubarb sure was a good one! We'll see you "down the road" sooner rather than later, we hope. Hugs to all!

  3. Lovely quilting, Janna!! Also enjoyed the video of Emmi!! She would get along great with Rylie...she growls and barks at my dandelion puller...thinks it's a ferocious monster, I'm sure!! They keep us in stitches. don't they!

  4. The quilts are beautiful!

    Love the Emmi video. She's a cute one.

  5. Who was having more fun Emmi or Mike?
    Love the quilts.


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