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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Went To Billings AGAIN

Yep, again.  We really, really try hard to organize all our appointments for the same day but sometimes it just won’t work.  I had appointments for a haircut (made five weeks ago) and an eye exam today and of course I couldn’t get the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for today, only for yesterday, so off we went again this morning.  My hip feels better, the ride to Billings didn’t make me want to scream so the trip to the surgeon was worth it yesterday.


Michael had some routine blood work drawn then we headed for Costco where I had my eyes examined and ordered new glasses and contacts.  Up in the Heights we retrieved another hat Michael had Law Dog Hats clean for him—a black one—I’m not used to seeing my sweet cowboy in a black hat! 

Lunch at our favorite place, Jake’s then off to look at new cars—nope, we aren’t in the market for a new car but Nat seems to be!!  Nat has a truck, a nice Chevrolet, six years old with only 30,000 miles on it.  A couple years ago he started saying he wanted a new truck and we talked him out of it.  Now he has become more insistent—he wants a smaller vehicle, easier for him to get into and he wants Michael and I to buy it!!!! 

I suggested he and Michael go look at vehicles when they go to the dermatologist in Billings next week.  Nat’s reply, “no, I want nothing to do with looking at cars, I want you and Mike to do it.”  I said, “now wait a minute, what if you don’t like the one we pick???”  Nat replies, “well then I would have someone to blame now wouldn’t I???”  Good grief—he is 91 years old, a truck with 30,000 miles on it is going to last his lifetime for sure but oh, well—I guess we are car shopping!!!!  Smile Smile

Finally we are home and relaxing.  I am filling the hummingbird feeders at least once a day, watering plants once a day, there is always something to do!


A friend had this posted on Facebook today—I love it!


  1. You're going to wear out that road. If you go to Menholt, deal with Buck. He's the best salesman they have and isn't pushy. He's the only one that Jim will deal with and most of Jim's old employees there feel the same way. Parts and Service get really frustrated with Sales but Buck won everybody back in the shop over.

  2. I think it's pretty useless to argue with someone that is 91. ;)

  3. I chuckled at Nat's insistence on having you two purchase a car for him. It reminded me of my own grandfather and his similar discussion with my father, years back. Now.....does Mike need a near new six year old truck with low, low miles?????

  4. Someone is going to get a very good deal on a used 6 yr. old Chevy truck!

  5. Nat is a spring chicken yet. My granddad bought two cars after he reached that milestone and a new RV. He wore one of them out and took the RV all the way up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Ocean when he was 94. And I do like the reasoning behind having you guys buy it for him also.


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