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Friday, July 26, 2013

Leaving The Nest and New Toys

Remember my baby robins with no feathers all crunched down in the nest—this photo was taken on July 22. 

IMG_7527Today as I was coming in the basement door I caught sight of this baby robin standing on the edge of the nest—he looked as if he was thinking it might be a long way to the ground.  I bet the nest is empty tomorrow—isn’t it amazing how fast they grow!!


We have new toys, Michael headed back to Billings with truck and trailer this morning, bringing home these:

IMG_2683Pretty fancy I must say, they even have power steering—a lot easier to ride than any other 4-wheeler I was ever on.  We are looking forward to taking lots of rides “up the Boulder.”  We took our first ride late this afternoon up Elk Creek just checking out the scenery.  Even Ms. Emmi got to go along:



IMG_2674I think as we get older it is easy to get into a rut and Michael and I were in one, too much work, too much time on the computer—it was time to put some fun back in our lives—off we go!  We’ve got a little trip planned, more on that later!

While Michael was in Billings I made lots of head way on the customer quilt now on the frame.  If we are taking a trip, I need to be caught up!

Another scorcher day in Montana—UGH!


  1. Please be careful on those four-wheelers. Three people in our area have died in four-wheeler accidents in the past month. Otherwise, enjoy.

  2. "I think as we get older it is easy to get into a rut". Couldn't agree with you more........

  3. Wow nice machines!! Being a motorcycle rider, you have my full attention with nice quads like that...... Should make for some neat blogs...

  4. Now you have a new toys to get around the Boulder. Nice quads! Good fun ahead, I'm sure! And, you do have to treat yourselves at times...and this seems like a good time or that.

  5. Hey, nice going!! But HONDER's??? Wait a minute.......

    Enjoy.....The gov't has shut down almost all the trails around here..."NO MOTORIZED VEHICLE's" signs are up.

  6. WOW!! Look out Boulder!!! Yeehaw!! Looks like fun!

  7. Great choice on the quads - those baby's will run forever!

  8. How fun. I still think horse would have been better though lol. Does Emmi like riding in the basket. She look like she is enjoying herself.

  9. Love the baby robin, so cute!

    Great new toys!! Emmi looks like she is enjoying it. Be careful!!

  10. How fun, you have a lot of beautiful roads near by to enjoy your quads. I do agree, those ruts are easy to get into and not as easy to get out of, I think you have found a good way. Becki


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