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Saturday, July 13, 2013

50 Years Of Boat Float

What’s happening on the second weekend of July for 50 years in Sweet Grass County, Montana??  Boat Float weekend.  Crowds of folks load into water crafts of all sorts and float 95 miles from Livingston, MT to Laurel, MT on the Yellowstone River.  Crowds of beer and other various spirits are loaded into the boats along with the people making for a raucous good time!  We’ve never done the boat float and probably never will but one of my quilting buddies, Janet, lives on the Yellowstone River and she along with her husband Jim threw a Boat Float party today.

We convinced Jim and Ellie it would be a great time watching all the drunk/sober folks float down the river.  And we were right—plus we got to introduce Jim and Ellie to lots of our friends! 

IMG_738695 miles these boat float with two overnight stops—one in Big Timber, the other in tiny Reedpoint.  Many of the boats stop in Columbus, MT, about 25 miles short of Laurel, MT.  In the events’ heyday as many as 1000-1200 boats made the float.  This weekend’s numbers were expected to be between 50-70 boats. 

IMG_7390IMG_7394This black lab lives here and every time a motor operated boat would come within hearing distance he would assume the pose and then race the boat down the river bank. 

IMG_7408Even the pooches get into the act—notice the lifejacket on the dog and the people—a rare occurrence, sad to say.

IMG_7405Anyone who knows Jim knows he is not fond of snakes and that is a severe understatement.  We were going to sit on the bank of the river to eat and of course Jim notices this snake right off the bat—the three of us sat to eat, Jim stood in case he needed to make a quick getaway!!!  Smile

IMG_7410My favorite cowboy by the river.

Back home we began making preparations for our last dinner (this visit) with Jim and Ellie.  They provided some deliciously marinated fajita meat and I made guacamole.  We seared some peppers and onions to add to that delicious beef—oh, my!  Jim also made a butterfinger pie to add to the rhubarb cake I made this morning.  Yep, we are waddling now! Smile 

IMG_7419It rained as we were driving home and rained off and on most of the evening—we were treated to this rainbow which when I put the photo through its paces in Picasa, I noticed was an almost double rainbow—there is a very faint rainbow in the upper left corner of the photo.

It was a good day in Montana!


  1. Great Photos. Yep a great day in Montana. Like I said before point those two to the border lol

  2. What a fun way to spend a weekend. or whatever floats your boat!!!

  3. I bet you're not missing hot and sticky old Texas one bit!

  4. If Paulette saw that snake she'd still be running! Looked like a fun day by the river.

  5. I'm with Jim on that snake!!

    They do not have rainbows in the east like that. Glad you saw the double.

    Looked like wonderful time with friends.

  6. Thanks again for your hospitality, Janna, we had a perfect visit, maybe just a little short, though. I'm sorry, Brenda, but this time we turned towards Idaho Falls and points beyond. But maybe we'll catch up with you in Arizona this fall!

  7. I have lots of support on that fast getaway Janna...At least I didn't scream like a little girl when I first saw that huge snake :) Thank you and Mike again for a super good time....


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