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Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Oldie But A Goodie!

A couple weeks ago Dawn Cavanaugh, Director of Education for APQS, the company which manufactured my longarm called me asking if I would be willing to do a service call in Whitehall, MT.  I am a dealer/representative for the company—off we went this morning leaving Emmi with Nat as usual.

What we found in Whitehall was an Ultimate I—sold in 1994 to a delightful lady, Rose.  Non-stitch regulated, very basic machine with no bells and whistles—none, not even a needle up/needle down button.  And you should see the quilting this woman turns out with this machine—she gave us a mini trunk show when we got her machine re-timed, tension adjusted, belts adjusted, oiled, etc.



IMG_7494Look at those feathers and look at the gorgeous, perfect stitches—remember NON-STITCH REGULATED!!

IMG_7495IMG_7497There is cording under each row of stitching in this crosshatch pattern.


IMG_7500She was attending the big quilt show in Puyallup, WA one year after she made this quilt. She dropped by the booth for the company selling the embroidery software used to create the quilt and showed them a photo of it.  They asked if the quilt could be taken to Japan for a quilt show there—she gave permission but said she didn’t rest very easy until that quilt was back in her hands again. 

IMG_7503I wish I had looked at the photo I took before leaving as Rose has the most beautiful blue eyes.  We spent a delightful time with she and Daisy Mae—her seven month old Boston bull terrier. 

It was a great day—we enjoyed a scenic drive home through Willow Creek, had lunch at a café in Three Forks, stopped for some groceries and made it home just about 7pm!  If you are looking for an excellent book, read, Blind Your Ponies, by Stanley Gordan West, a novel set in Willow Creek, MT.  A basketball coach with 93 consecutive losses is about to quit coaching when he gets a look at the new kid in town—a 6’ 11” Norwegian exchange student—this kid and the other four players on the team become a sensation—one of the best books I’ve ever read.


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous quilting!! And aren't you clever...fixing machines!! A woman of many talents!!

  2. The woman of many talents you are!

    I can't even begin to imagine how those quilts were made. The whole process is beyond me. Rose is one talented lady.

  3. Don is one of my readers who dropped from the comments box when I stopped allowing anonymous comments. He now sends me emails and I hope he doesn't mind my copying and pasting his comment here.

    All I can say is WOW!!! What a talented lady!! Beautiful quilts indeed!
    I hope you all are doing OK and enjoying the summer.
    It has been cooler here in the Panhandle with some wonderful showers but the temps are headed up for the rest of the week and next week.
    The wheat has been harvested with the irrigated making around 50 to 60 bu. and the dryland making barely 10 bu. at best.
    Take care.
    Don in Okla.

  4. What a talented lady she is. I'm sure your visit will be remembered for a very long time.

  5. Nice little sideline business, Jana. You get to meet interesting folks and help them out too.

  6. Very cool! I spent quite a bit of time in the Whitehall area when we were doing a software implementation at the Golden Sunlight mine. Beautiful area!! Now my very dear friend and fellow longarmer lives in Whitehall. Maybe time for a visit!


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