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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Wedding

Laci and John arrived about 9am—seems Laci was in need of a nurse—I knew she was coming over.  She had a smallpox scar removed the other day and today was the day for the stitches to be removed.  Laci and John are here from Great Falls for the weekend and the wedding.  Grandma didn’t hurt her too bad and she didn’t faint—it’s a good thing.

We really took it easy today—reading, surfing the internet.  Michael did mow some grass and I loaded a backing onto the longarm frame but that’s about it.

This afternoon we drove into town to attend the wedding—Brittany, the bride, is the daughter of friends Terry and Shelly.  Michael and I took Brittany and Laci to Mexico when they graduated from high school about five years ago—she is a special young woman.

IMG_2656-001Brittany and Darrell—the happy couple.  Photos taken without flash in a darkened church don’t turn out so well.

IMG_2662Our granddaughter Laci and her husband John.


It was a warm one today and again we had that same old problem here in Montana—there are probably less than 30 days a year where air conditioning is a welcome convenience—the church wasn’t air conditioned and neither was the American Legion hall where the reception was held.  We left before the dancing started—I was starting to feel like a limp dishrag as we say in the south! 


  1. Gorgeous bride and a hunk of a hubbie. Your granddaughter is beautiful. It was over a hundred last year for Todd's wedding in Billings with no air conditioning. Welcome to Montana.

  2. A nurse in the family is convenient. I speak from experience on that.

    It is hot and, at times, uncomfortable here too. The coastal temperatures do drop in the early evening and that makes for nice sleeping conditions.

  3. Great looking bride and groom.

    The photo of you with Michael and your granddaughter Laci and her husband John is a real keeper - very nice!


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