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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Feeding Frenzy

When we lived in the house on the larger ranch we had lots and lots of hummingbirds—I would fill and the birds would empty two hummingbird feeders per day.  When we moved “up the creek” to our new house we didn’t ever have as many hummingbirds—one feeder would last several days.  In the last few days our hummingbird population has exploded, I am back to filling a feeder per day—is it because George and Shirley left for Vancouver Island and their hungry hummers are looking for groceries??  Here’s a video I took at “dinner” time last night, turn up your sound and you can hear the hummers chirping and buzzing.

We made a trip to Billings today—we both had appointments with new doctors—I really liked the doctor I saw, Michael’s was a dud!  For quite some time I’ve been having issues with my hip and decided it was time to get an opinion—well, this doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, we will see what he has to say next week. 

Our usual stops at Costco and Wal Mart were also on the agenda, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Jake’s and made another really fun stop where we purchased two items—more on that later when we have retrieved the purchase!  Winking smile

At Nat’s Michael helped him change out the fluorescent light bulbs in all his fixtures in the horseshoe pitching building—it entails being up on scaffolding to reach the 12 foot ceilings, something we really don’t want Nat to do!  We enjoyed a pizza with Nat before heading for home.


  1. Hi There, I would loved to have seen your little hummingbird video but when you post it as private we can't see it. Maybe if you do it again and make it public it would work. I hope so. :)

  2. Dang it, I always forget to do that until someone reminds me--it is fixed now.

  3. Great video!! You need a traffic cop out there. Good to see the little guys are taking turns.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all of those hummers!

  5. That is a real hummingbird frenzy for sure. Great job on the video.

  6. Neat video Janna! It looks like a bee hive! Well done!

  7. I've seen several hummingbirds at our feeders but nothing like in your video.

    Finding the right doctor can be trying but hopefully Michael will find a good one.


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