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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Was Busy Today

Before Michael took off for the West Boulder he got the irrigating started and it seems as if that’s all I did the rest of the day—didn’t want any water running down the road so I kept a close eye on the flow.  I did go to yoga this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it—our yoga is a relaxed session, no one gets uptight about not being able to do some of the poses, Shine, Nancy’s dog comes to the door and stands up looking in as if to say, “come on, Mom, I know you are in there,” making us all laugh with his antics.  It is a great group of women. 

After I irrigated and had some lunch—I am enjoying fresh lettuce from the garden—I checked the water one more time before making a quick run into town for some groceries and horse fly spray.  The bugs are unmerciful to the horses this time of year—we use a bug spray called Tri-Tec and I almost fainted when told the price today, $72/gallon!!!!  Sure am glad that gallon will probably last us a couple years—it lasts several days on the horses unless it rains.  Our horses are so cooperative when it comes to being sprayed with the stuff, I don’t even have to halter them, just bring them some treats and they just stand there letting me spray them down with that stuff made from gold! Smile 

There are several forest fires burning in Montana, it is hot, dry and windy, our humidity was 12% today—a forest fire waiting for a place to happen. Emigrant fire grows to 420 acres This photo borrowed from the Billings Gazette is of the fire near the community of Emigrant where Emmi came from. 

The last couple days Michael has been doing a little project for our friends Terry and Boo—developing some springs—and the heat has just about done him in, he comes in exhausted but he finished today and said he wasn’t taking any more jobs until it cools off, if then!

We had a delicious dinner—the crispy herbed chicken I discovered the recipe for a few weeks ago and corn on the cob.  Yum! 


  1. I cannot belive that mild heat in Montana could do Mr. Clark in after spending time down here in South Texas. Yesterday's heat index was 104 degrees. Good thing he went back to Montana to stay cooler. I believe it is hot everywhere. Janna, please tell Mike to stay inside and stay cool. Oh wait your beautiful cabin doesn't have AC. I guess you better tell him to crank up that tin teepee and turn on the AC. LOL Miss you guys!!
    Rollie & Gina

  2. Its not hot at all over here in the beautiful Black Hills,,,maybe 85* for a couple hours in the middle of the day, and we hardly ever have any humidity. Have I told you how much I love it here? It took us 10+ years of looking to find the place where we wanted to spend our summers for the rest of our life, and this is sure it.... We've been getting a nice little rain in the afternoon and things are really stayin green.

    My son Rollie, (and my daughter Gina!) helped make this place so comfortable for us... Praise the Lord!

  3. We've had smoke here in the Helena valley from some of the fires in the west. It really is dry and hot. Whatever happened to those nice soaking rains I remember we used to get when I was younger. We sure could use one now. Dinner sounds wonderful. But fresh lettuce - now that's the best part.

  4. I really pity Michael working in the kind of heat your having there, it must be brutal. Mind you, I think all work is brutal!


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