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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Winter Rather Than Spring

Six inches of new snow when we woke this morning and the roads to Billings were yucky!  Icy and slushy!  We spent the day there with Lonn and LoraLee—got lots of gabbing done while we hung out in the medical world.

Emmi got to stay with Nat and I think both of them had a good time—Nat really misses Emmi.  Back to Big Timber after 7pm where it was snowing with about 2-3 inches on the ground.  As we traveled up the Boulder the snow became less and less—we have some in the tall grasses but the roads and our driveway are dry.

Not a very newsy blog but that’s the way it is sometimes! Smile

IMG_6999Here’s what we are hoping it will look like around here soon—I took this photo in May of 2011. 


  1. Hi Janna, hope LoraLee is doing well. You will have a hard time leaving everyone, but great you could visit. Safe travels!

  2. My son in Billing, is getting really tired of snow and slush and ice. I think he's really ready for Spring.

  3. I am betting you two are truly enjoying the visit back home.

  4. Beautiful photo of the big mountain. Hope the snow stops soon!


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