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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sandfest 2013

Holy cow there were a lot of people out there!!!  I don’t do crowds—it was a good thing the sand sculptures were worth it!!  As was the people watching!   Traffic was atrocious but we managed to find a restaurant without a long line enjoying a delicious lunch! IMG_6622 Back into the traffic, out to the beach trying to find a parking place. 

We pulled out of the line of traffic and parked behind a Prius—nope, that wouldn’t work, what if the Prius wanted to go before we did???  There was a tent set up in front of the Prius, I got out of the car and asked the couple sitting at in front of the tent if the Prius if the car belonged to them.  No, but he would be glad to pull his Tahoe forward and let me park behind him, giving him my telephone number in case he wanted to leave before we were ready.  What a nice guy!

Off we went into the crowds—holy smoke!!!  IMG_6666





DSCN1074We had an awesome day—I am so thankful to have these good friends.  Although we live far from each other we make the effort to meet up at least once a year and it is always as if we have never been apart. 

Emmi, Kelly and I went for a walk on the beach when we got back to the condo leaving Shirley and Elaine to fix the happy hour feast—they did a good job!!!  Another good day on the beach!

DSCN1048IMG_6641IMG_6642Look at those delicate arches—I hope the wind doesn’t blow it away before the judging tomorrow.


  1. butterbean carpenterApril 27, 2013 at 9:10 PM

    Howdy Janna & girls,
    Y'all sure do know how to party!!! Janna, Rollie planned everything for your stay in AP, even donating his bride for companionship, along with your mom, the Sand sculptures, hot-rod golf carts, etc... Hope the water warms up enough for y'all all to get wet!!!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time with friends! What amazing, beautiful sand sculptures! It has always fascinated me how they manage to get such intricate details in a piece made of sand. So glad you included a lot of pictures.

  3. those are quite the sand sculptures! can't wait to see who wins!!

  4. Other than traffic and parking woes, it was another really great day lived in the company of friends.


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