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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let’s Take A Tour

Beautiful, beautiful morning, a little nippy at 16 degrees but sunny, clear, blue skies.  We took an early morning walk to just enjoy the views and the stillness.


Mid morning we drove into town with plans to take Nat to lunch—he was feeling a little under the weather so he volunteered to babysit the pooch letting Michael and me enjoy a great lunch at the new pizza place in town which opened just before we headed south.  Delicious pizza—the sauce had a hint of sweetness and a bit of a spicy bite—very good.

We visited with Nat for a while—as for the tour, here is the view from his dining room windows:

IMG_6562Not too shabby!  He lives in a subdivision just out of town with one acre or larger lots.  Nat’s lot borders the subdivision park so on that side he has no neighbors. 

We stopped for fuel in Big Timber and I jumped out to take this shot:

IMG_6567The building on the right behind the 35mph sign is the Frosty Freeze—a local institution, restaurant serving typical diner type food.  Nat and his wife Joy loaned their friends the money to buy that restaurant in the 1960’s—those friends operated the Frosty Freeze for over 20 years.  The current owners purchased the restaurant from those same friends and have operated it ever since.  The other building in the photo is our local thrift shop with the mural painted by one of our resident artists.

Back up the Boulder we stopped to visit friends Kathy and Jim—it was good to sit down with them and have a good long chat. 


Life is good up the Boulder!


  1. Beautiful view Nat has there out his windows!

  2. Beautiful and peaceful mountain country. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Beautiful photos! We have a lot of snow here yet!

  4. Great to see some Montana shots.

  5. Great tour! Love the snow covered mts. We have had rain for a few days here in Moab, UT so the La Sal Mts are really snow covered. Makes for beautiful backgrounds in many pictures. Stay warm!

  6. It's easy to see you're really enjoying those mountain vistas in comparison to Texas. Nice pics!

  7. Didn't see much of the country last year, but really loved the Boulder area.

  8. Those mountains sure are beautiful -- I know I'd rather be there than the office!

    Started following your site, hope you follow baqck my travel blog soon :)


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