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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back To Work

Michael received a text last night from his immediate supervisor telling him they were doing the noon to midnight shift this week.  Michael was actually relieved to hear he didn’t have to be at work by 6am this morning! 

I was off to church leaving he and Emmi to fend for themselves.  Also picked up some groceries at the HEB in Rockport after church. 

This afternoon Gina and I sat outside in the sun gabbing and doing some hand sewing.  Mom and Chuck made it home to Arkansas.  Our weather was a tad warm today but this afternoon it has cooled and there is a breeze.

Does anyone seriously believe asking for my driver’s license before selling me a product such as Claratin D and only allowing me a 15 day supply is going to stop someone from making meth???  Another dumb idea as far as I’m concerned!



  1. Claritin D? It's not restricted here in Canada. Interesting!

  2. Asking to see a driver's license reminds me of a Salem, Oregon, Target store that would not sell me a bottle of rum without the 20 something teller seeing my driver's license as proof that I was over age 21. 'Stupid' does not completely color my thoughts on this silliness! We are quickly moving from 'stupid' to ridiculous....and far too quickly,it seems!


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