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Sunday, April 28, 2013

And It’s Over

We look forward with such anticipation each year to these gatherings and then the time together is over so quickly.  Sometime during the night a major thunderstorm with lightening, wind and rain blew through.  I hate to think what the storm did to the sand sculptures.  We lost power in the condo and the electricity didn’t come back on until just after 8am.  When I walked Emmi early I could see one of the gas stations on the corner had power—so off I went to get coffee, arriving to stand in line with the other dozen or so people doing the same thing—the store couldn’t make the coffee fast enough! 

After coffee and one last chat we all began to get ready and to pack up our things.  Shirley headed off in her truck for home and the rest of us headed off to find some breakfast.  It was then on to the airport for hugs and goodbyes until next year. 

At the motorhome I became a whirlwind—Michael has another sore throat and cold—and things needed cleaning.  I did seven loads of laundry and cleaned the motorhome from top to bottom plus put away all the stuff I took with me for the weekend.  A pot of chicken noodle soup is simmering on the stove and my dear husband came home a little early.



It was a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful friends!!


  1. Thats sad when your friends have to leave. Seems like there:s never enough time to do or say everything. Better load up hubby on more vitamins. Could it be allergies?
    Love those pictures. Never seen anything like that. Haven't had a chance to show Jim yet. We have had company.

  2. Ahhh...nothing like a holiday with the 'girls'!! Thanks for taking us along with you!


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