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Monday, April 22, 2013

It Was A Good Day

Michael sleeps better when he doesn’t have to wake to an alarm clock and when he sleeps better, the wife sleeps better.  He’s working noon to midnight so an alarm clock is expendable—daylight wakes us up!  We enjoyed lunch together—chicken fajitas—Gina even came over and ate with us, Rollie had headed off for work all ready.  

After Michael left for work I decided it was a beach day—Gina agreed to come along and off we went with Ms. Emmi.  Saw several dolphins surfacing as we were waiting on the ferry.  It was a beautiful day, gorgeous blue skies, a non-crowded beach and endless waves.  There a large collection of sea weed—usual and customary on Texas beaches. 


The beaches won’t be so non-crowded this weekend—it is Sand Fest in Port Aransas.  There are all ready crews hard at work building mega sand castles:


After we came home I told Gina, “I need a swimsuit.”  There is not much need for swimsuits in Montana and the one I own I think I bought at Costco, many years ago not even trying it on.  Remember a while back I ordered a suit from Land’s End, ordering one size larger than the sizing charts said I needed—got that dang thing in the mail and couldn’t even get my big toe in the stupid suit!!  That’s an exaggeration but I really couldn’t even get the suit on it was so tight!  Gina groaned when I told her I needed a suit and said, “that’s an all day affair, girlfriend!!”  Well, I proved her wrong!

Off to Corpus Christi we went.  We walked into Dillard’s, asked directions to the swimsuit department, arrived, and were helped by the sweetest little lady who gave me an arm full of all types of different suits—I didn’t get the “no more than 3 items to a dressing room” line!  Gina had headed me in the right direction telling me what kind of suits she wore and I’ll be if the first suit I tried on didn’t fit perfectly and I actually LIKED it!!!  I tried on about 10 more but went back to the first one and guess what—it was on sale!!!! 

After getting that unpleasant chore accomplished we wandered the mall a little more, did a little more shopping damage then had pizza at Grimaldi’s.  Back home to a couple of happy pooches ready for a walk.

It was with sadness I read Paulette’s Sweet P Quilting and Creations blog this morning—seems Paulette is taking a blogging break.  I totally understand her desire and reasons for not writing a daily blog—it seems to get harder and harder for me and I have considered taking a break—maybe Paulette has started something???  Maybe just write a blog when you have something news worthy enough to write about other than what’s for lunch?? 

And see, today, I am too wordy!  It’s feast or famine!  There is a reason I can’t lose any weight—I live next door to Gina.  I’m taking a poll—how many of you eat raw cookie dough??  I LOVE raw cookie dough, I can remember having fights with my brother Ross when as a teenager I would be making cookies and he would come by to swipe the cookie dough.  I don’t care that the dough contains raw eggs, I usually eat enough cookie dough that I’m not hungry for the baked cookies.  How about you—do you eat raw cookie dough?  Gina brought me a bucket of raw cookie dough to sample a few minutes ago—no wonder I can’t fit in swimsuits????? 


  1. Love raw cookie dough....and the baked cookies too. Hence, neither happens very often at my house. LOL

    My days are so ordinary I honestly don't know how I'd ever do a daily blog. So I post if I've accomplished something quilty, read something interesting, come across a cute picture or saying.....or if I find something worthy of a rant. Quite a few of the blogs I read don't have daily postings....and that's OK. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore.

  2. I'm with your husband when it comes to the alarm. When I worked, I only slept soundly on the weekends and vacation. I was always checking the time. I hate waking from a dead sleep with the alarm.

    Love the beautiful ocean!! Glad you found a suit so quickly!!

  3. nothing wrong with taking a break from blogging, sometimes even just the reading and commenting goes by the wayside too!
    enjoy the cookies and the beach time!!

  4. Love raw cookie dough. Especially sugar cookies. I usually have the Pillsbury dough in the fridge just for that reason. Yummy. Becki

  5. Hate raw cookie dough. It will give you worms.

  6. I have always loved raw cookie dough. My mother would not let me have any said it was unhealthy but the moment her back was turned my fingers were in the bowl. Mostly she did not catch me :-)

  7. I love raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I don't like chocolate chip cookies. How strange is that? I enjoy be a reading your blog and I too was sad that Paulette was taking a break. I enjoy her blog also.

  8. Hey ladies...don't be sad!! I woke up this morning and my first thought wasn't... what quilty thing can I talk about this was let's have coffee with the girls...I am, of course, referring to YOU!! Lovely to be a blog lurker!! haha And yes, I will be back (I still have plenty to say:o)) but not on a daily basis!! This retirement gig is too sweet to worry about writing a daily blog!
    Have a wonderful day...can we expect some shots of you, in your new bathing suit, laying on those gorgeous beaches??
    Cookies...I will eat them raw or otherwise...yum!

  9. Ummmmm, raw chocolate chip cookie dough is the best.

    A daily reader

  10. I wanted to comment on your thoughts of a break from blogging. I would surely miss you and our daily visits. I know it must be very difficult to do when you have so many other things to take care of. I enjoy reading your blog to see what you're working on, what recipes you've been cooking, what your dog has been up to. I have been reading about 6 or 7 blogs for a few years now. Anytime I have found one I like I usually go back to the very beginning and read forward to the present and it makes me feel that I know a little part of your adventures. Several people that I have been following have decided to take a break and I seem to notice once the blogger takes a break that is usually all she wrote, lol. Makes me sad to miss reading their daily musings. I loved following Rollie and Gina and Rollie stopped. I followed Doug and Sue and Sue stopped. I followed Mike and Pat and now he has stopped. If you do take a break, come back once in a while to update us on your travels. : )) Take care and enjoy that cookie dough, I don't especially enjoy it, used to but long, long ago on a Christmas Eve as a child, I ate lots and spent all night sick and was ill on Christmas day too. That was enough for me. haha


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