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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It Missed A Good Chance To Rain

On nasty, cloudy days with low hanging clouds, Michael will say, “it missed a good chance to rain/snow today.”  Well all afternoon the clouds have looked as if they were going to release buckets of rain and we’ve had not one sprinkle! Guess you never know.

“...can we expect some shots of you, in your new bathing suit, laying on those gorgeous beaches??” asks Paulette!!!  My reply—”are you kidding me or what!!”  SmileThe first person who takes a photo of me in a swimsuit may end up in the ocean, wet from head to toe!! 

I’m working on an interesting project for a quilting buddy who lives in Montana. Her mother-in-law made a bedspread comprised of 12 intricate crewel (I think that’s what you call it) work blocks surrounded by cream linen fabric.  This is a beautiful piece of art—it makes me nervous to be handling it, it is old!!!  The customer wanted to be able to use the piece and was unable to do so—it needs stabilizing—enter nervous me!  I tried to talk her out of my stitching even one little stitch on this bedspread but she was persistent! SmileToday I jumped in and just started!  The spread is huge, 87 inches by 110 inches so the backing was one monster piece of fabric.  The piece is loaded on the longarm with Warm & Natural batting and I’ve stitched closely around three of the crewel blocks.  I’m doing a very, very large meander in the surrounding linen fabric.  The fabric hasn’t fallen apart yet and it’s looking good—Gina has been giving me good advice—she picked out the thread color which just melts into the fabric. 

IMG_6599The color in this photo is not true, I just wanted you to see the incredible stitching.  The true color is a warm cream color--IMG_6600And here at 10pm, it is finished!!  And it looks dang good if I do say so myself—I’ve laid my fears to rest—stabilizing helped and now my friend can use the piece—it was heavy to start with and now with backing and batting—it is really heavy! 


  1. I bet that bedspread is just gorgeous!

  2. Janna, I just took a class from Cindy Needham two weeks ago...she makes exquisite quilts out of old linens. It is so cool that you were willing to take on this project so your friend can enjoy her treasure. Better than it sitting in a drawer somewhere!

  3. Jana, The quilt looks great. You and Gina did a great job. It is a beautiful work of art and your quilting is a beautiful accent.

  4. Hmm....I'm not sure if I agree with anonymous or not! Great looking quilt.

  5. Love the heirloom to be cherished! I'm still chuckling over the bathing suit...


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