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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Turned Off The Heat

Didn’t think I would be saying that again but this afternoon when I got back from Corpus Christi it was 82 degrees and probably 80% humidity—humid!!  I was unloading the car, the wind came up and the temps dropped to 65 degrees!!!  As I type it is only 61 degrees and the wind is howling.  Well, now!

Emmi and I went out to the park where she got to run off leash and play basketball.  We ran into the couple with the schnauzer and wolf hybrid dog—they are moving to Florida soon and I was afraid they were all ready gone. 

OK, I won’t bore you with another hairdresser story but I will say this—strike three, you are out Corpus Christi hairdressers! 

Do any of you read the Pioneer Woman blog??  She gives away some incredible gifts—iPads, cowboy boots, Kindles, Target gift cards and a few days ago she gave away three of these gorgeous enamelware cake covers:

carrierYou had to answer this question in your comment on her blog—“what did you do this weekend?”  When I submitted my comment her comment counter read 49,468 comments!!!  Wow!  Well, I didn’t win the pretty cake cover but I read the comments from the winners and this one from a guy caught my eye:

“I helped my beautiful wife clean an amazing new construction home that sits on a hill and overlooks a beautiful valley and the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. I worked hard, but enjoyed the time with my wife.”

I’m glad the pretty cake cover at least went to somebody in Montana!!

Did a little shopping in Corpus Christi today then came home and cleaned the motorhome.  Gina is back and we enjoyed a little chat session while I made Michael’s dinner. 

Will finish Jeane’s quilt and pack it up tomorrow.  Then I will start packing for us.  We are Montana bound soon for a week!!!  Hurray!!!



  1. I'm sure you and Mike are looking forward to the week off back home in Montana. If it is cool where you are, that will just make your visit at home much easier to take.

  2. Sorry you didn't win the cake cover. We're back home and probably should have stayed longer in AZ. Snow 4-8 inched predicted for tomorrow!!

  3. It's pretty darned cold & windy up here in Hill Country, too! Good thing we have blankets and sweaters with us! But, the flowers are out in all their glory, so I guess it's worth it.

  4. Noticed that Helena was under a winter storm watch yesterday. Winter definitely isn't done with Montana yet this year. We aren't headed back that way until the end of May. That is a beautiful cake cover but that is a whole lot of comments to compete against.

  5. As always, I love the photos of wildflowers (Mexican Blanket Wildflower is beautiful!) but, like you, this wind and wild weather sure isn't SPRING! Sorry you didn't win the cake cover, it was lovely. Yeah... it's time to move on... been a harsh winter!

  6. About 4PM I called one of my former coworkers in Portland to warn him of the Arctic Blast headed his way and he said it hit about 2:30PM down there. Here in the panhandle, it has blown 30 to 40 mph for two days and the temps dropped into the teens last night and only into the low 40's today. And on Monday we had a record high of 85 degrees. Ah, springtime in Okla.
    Don in Okla.

  7. I must say 61 sounds wonderful. How about low 40's for the day's high with wind and 25 at night! That's what we have in Moab. Luckily, it is only for a few days then we warm up.

    Love the flowers!!


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