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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Thought Yesterday Was Windy

I was rocking in the quilting studio today and not to music I might add! Smile That trailer was really moving.  It’s sad—you go 3 hours north to Houston and it is lush and green.  Down here it is brown, the trees don’t look healthy and with this infernal wind taking what moisture there is right out of the ground.  The park has a hard time keeping up with the watering—they have two wells but neither have much capacity which seems strange this close to the coast. 

I am making headway on that quilt Jeane—one more day and I should have it finished!

When we bought the Cadillac the carpets were really grubby—I asked Rollie if there was somewhere I could take it to have them shampooed.  He recommended CarRizma in Ingleside.  I know I preach a lot about customer service but this place has the key!!  I had an appointment between 8am and 9am to drop the car off—they called yesterday afternoon to confirm.  Dropped the car off this morning and about 4:30 they called saying it was ready.  Chuck ran me back out there, the owner of CarRizma met me and said, “come look at your carpets.”  I was totally amazed!!  Spotless!!!  He said they had to shampoo the carpets three times to get all the grunge out.  I am very pleased—no more stains!

I saw on our granddaughter Laci’s Facebook--her husband John who is stationed in Florida with the USAF has received his orders to be transferred to Montana where Laci is stationed—that’s really good news. 

IMG_6726April, 2011

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