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Monday, April 15, 2013

Connected Again

Took the guys at Triangle Telephone a little longer than usual to get us up and running this time.  They changed our IP address and ended up sending out a technician to reconfigure our router. 

We left Corpus Christi at about 5:30am on Saturday—what kind of sadistic person makes flights schedules??  We were up at 3am, out the door at 4am and to the airport by about 4:45am.  Flights were mostly on time, Emmi traveled well and we landed in Bozeman in sunshine.  In Denver we had a two hour layover and I left all the carryon’s with Michael taking Emmi outside for a potty break—the Denver airport actually has a doggy park alongside one of the parking garages!!  The airports were packed with people, the seats on the airplanes have gotten way smaller—travel by air is not fun anymore! 

We stopped in Livingston at Albertson’s, purchasing some groceries, before heading to Big Timber for a quick visit with Nat.  By the time we left Nat’s it was snowing and we arrived home to this:

IMG_6533Didn’t matter to us, we were both so glad to be home as was Emmi.  We built a fire in the fireplace, opened a bottle of good wine and just sat back to enjoy our home as well as the quiet. 

Saturday we ran over to visit with Lonn, LoraLee, Katie and Michael for a while.  Back home I made us a quick lunch and we just relaxed until time to go to our friends Geoff and Nancy’s.  They along with George and Shirley were hosting a welcome home party for us—lots of friends and neighbors—the wine and food were great as usual—we had a ball!  It was so good to see everyone.

It has snowed off and on since our arrival on Saturday evening but not much has accumulated. Temps have been rather chilly for April!  IMG_6539


Today Nat came for lunch—the sirloins I marinated were tender and delicious, I also served Pioneer Woman’s crash hot potatoes along with brown sugar glazed carrots. 

Life is good and it is great to be home!


  1. Great to see that you made it safe and sound, and will be able to enjoy a little cooler weather to prepare you for the long hot humid summer to come. By the way you can keep all this white stuff down there we have enough!

  2. You sound excited to be home. That's understandable and nice! Quiet is nice, isn't it? Enjoy the precious time while you can.

  3. It is beautiful but I'm glad I'm only seeing it in your pictures. Glad you guys and Emmi arrived safely. I so agree that flying isn't fun anymore.

  4. Glad you had a good journey home. You're correct, flying s**** nowadays. Enjoy your time with family and friends. It always ends way too soon.

  5. Hi Janna, i tried making the pioneer woman crash hot potatoes and i am not sure if i bought too big of potatoes or what but they sure didn't mash good...but outside was really soft the but inside was still hard and the peels cracked so not sure what i did wrong. will try it again with smaller potatoes.

  6. Great pictures. Could really spot the bears in that, but I guess they haven't gotten up yet.

  7. glad to see you landed safely at home! enjoy the time in the winter-wonderland!

  8. We know you'll enjoy your time at home in Montana, gathering good memories to carry you through the Texas summer!

  9. What a nice, white welcome home! Good to see you back online. That snow will be a distant memory down in Texas this long, hot summer.

  10. Glad your travel went smoothly. Looks beautiful from here in Utah...not sure I want to be in it though.


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