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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Dentist

Michael’s job comes with dental insurance—Mom and I went for our consult today.  Yep, consult—the office would not make an appointment even for a cleaning unless you came in for a consult first.  So---two and one half hours later we have both had our consults and you know what—neither one of us was pleased with the results!! Sad smileMom knew she needed one crown but came out knowing she needed three crowns and a couple fillings.  I came out into the waiting room and said to Mom at about noon, “I need a drink, maybe two!!!” 

Seems my Mexican root canal has failed, the tooth needs to be removed Sad smilefollowed by either a bridge or implant!!  Double YIKES!!  So far I have no symptoms from this tooth.  And let me tell you, dental care even with insurance is outrageous! 

That’s all I did today—Mom and I enjoyed another great pizza at Grimaldi’s, we did a little browsing in the mall and came home.  When she started making supper for Chuck she realized she was out of propane—Emmi and I ran over in the golf cart and changed out the tanks for her.



  1. Far from being an expert on dental care, I am a complete skeptic with Dentists who seem to find symptoms that do not seem to exist.

    When the Canadian dentist - who failed my root canal - examined me last November, he asked where I had had the dental surgery to fix his failed work. When I mentioned Algodones, Mexico, he walked out of the examination room and I have not heard from him since. Ja_k A__es, say I! He was P.O'd because he did not get his $600 commission for referring me to another Canadian Dental Surgeon for a $4,000 surgery that I had done in Algadones for $395......and with very good results!

    It's all about $$$ - for Canadian and, I assume - US dentists. The clinic in Algadones, Mexico, was first class, with all the high tech equipment and, interestingly enough, the surgeon had graduated from a prestigious US university.

    The Canadian Dental Hygienist - who cleaned my teeth at that same November appointment back home- stated that my surgery and new crown looked great. Go Figure!

  2. I have no comment on the dentistry, but suspect René is correct, my concern is these pictures of swamps and reptiles, I would much rather see the Boulder Valley than some pre-historic critter that lurks around waiting for unsuspecting dogs to eat his dining room.

  3. Rene is correct if you don't have a symptom there shouldn't be a problem. When our union negotiated Dental Care in our contract all the dentists started finding all kinds of problems with our teeth that we didn't have before. I'd be seeing Rene's Dentist in Mexico for a second opinion. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sounds like time for a second opinion! I would be very skeptical of that type service. Good Luck!

  5. Like the others have said, this sounds a bit fishy. I'd be getting a second opinion too.

  6. I'm super skeptical of dentists and doctors. Seems like they just want to do a lot of pricey procedures so they can get the insurance company to pay for it all.


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