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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Not A Thing Going On Around Here

Literally, not a thing.  The most exciting thing which happened today at least for Emmi—her boyfriend came home!  Our neighbor, Paul, also works for the same company as Rollie and Michael do—he has the same schedule, two weeks on, one week off.  Paul and his wife have three schnauzers—Paul has been in love with Emmi and she with him since they first met.  If she hears his truck come home, she has a fit until I let her out to say hello.  He went back home during his week off and I think Emmi missed him!

Other than that, I have quilted, Mom has sewed and it warmed back up significantly—the air conditioners are running again. IMG_6369




  1. I am guessing the photos are not of South Texas!!
    (chuckle!) But very nice anyway.
    Don in Okla.

  2. Boy do I know about those nothing days. Too bad you don't still have that property outside of Tombstone. That was a gorgeous valley.

  3. After all the activity you've had with your surgeries lately, maybe doing nothing is a good thing for a few days!


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