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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More On The Dentist

Thanks to all of you who commented voicing skepticism about my dental diagnosis yesterday.  I have every intention of seeking a second opinion—I want to go to another dentist, have an exam with x-rays and see if the second dentist says the same thing.  I sincerely think the dental insurance is a total rip-off.  The paperwork which accompanied the plan stated for each dental procedure what dollar amount we would be responsible for.  Those amounts were extremely reasonable leading us to our decision, subscribing to the dental insurance.  Well, the paperwork doesn’t tell you for every dental procedure there are more secondary charges for which you are totally responsible.  Things such as “dental lab fee,” “root prep”, etc.—you get the picture, a total rip-off!!  I was not impressed with the dental office and that particular office is the only one in this area for this insurance plan. 

If I indicated in last night’s blog that I thought my root canal failed because I had the work done in Mexico, that was not my intention.  As Rene pointed out, he too had a failed root canal and the work was done in Canada. Would I go back to Mexico for dental work—probably.  But I probably wouldn’t go back to where I had the original work performed.  Rene kindly shared the name of his dentist in Algodones—maybe next time we head to AZ I will try him.

Today was spent quilting and sewing.  Mom is making a little baby quilt like the one I made a couple weeks ago for a friend back home.  I finished one quilt, packed it up with the one I finished a week ago and sent them off to their owner in Montana.  Got another one loaded onto the frame for Jeane. 

Michael and I are deciding we might just like these weird hours—noon to midnight.  At least in the morning you don’t have to get up to an alarm clock—you can just sleep in, take your time getting ready, take a stroll with the dog, etc.  Michael is sleeping better, too.

IMG_6500My geraniums are just gorgeous—amazing for the first of April.

IMG_6503I just know if I stare at that ball long enough it will move, I just know it!!


  1. I think when you are not watching the ball it will start bouncing, I know Megs stick hurls itself around the yard when there is not but her watching. Otherwise why would they concentrate so hard on them.

  2. We have been blessed to have free dental insurance through my employer for over 40 years. It's still a part of my retirement benefits. It pays 100% for two visits per year for preventive maintenance like cleanings and x-rays. BUT, as you said, it doesn't pay much of anything toward procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. Thankfully, due to the routine checkups and cleanings, we have had very few dental problems up to this time. Hope the trend continues.

  3. Are your teeth causing you pain? If not you have time to think about what you'll do next. Also, you can have that tooth with the root canal pulled and if it's not right out in front you don't HAVE to get a bridge or implant. What would it hurt? The root canal is no doubt filled with amalgam leaking mercury into your system anyway.

  4. The dental insurance plans are not always the problem. It is how the dentist abuse them and then do unnecessary work that is not needed. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. It will be interesting to learn what the second dental opinion presents, Janna. Good luck with that.


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