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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On The Go

All day, I’ve been on the go.  Our hours are crazy right now with Michael’s work schedule.  I look at my watch thinking it should be about 10am and it is actually 2pm!!!  I’ve baked most of the day, shopped for groceries, bathed the dog, walked the dog, tried to kill Gina and me on the golf cart—I’ve been on the go!!

As for almost (exaggeration) killing Gina and me on the golf cart—it was almost dark and we were taking garbage to the dumpsters.  As we neared the fence I was yakking with Gina and kind of forgot which pedal was the brake.  Sure made Gina’s eyes widen!

Why all the preparation??  My Kimberly-Clark girlfriends are arriving tomorrow!!  We have a condo rented over near the beach in Corpus Christi and we are going to spend the weekend catching up, drinking wine, and eating.  We hope to spend some time on the beach, too—our weather kind of went down the tubes today—about 55 for a high and rain.  Hopefully it will be nice for the weekend! 

I still have a load of laundry going—Emmi’s bedding and towels—the cream cheese pound cake just came out of the oven and I think I hear my bed calling me!!  But I will wait up for the husband to come home.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. Oh Janna, that sounds like fun! Enjoy to the fullest.

  2. Have a great weekend with friends!!

  3. Have fun with the KC girls!!! Would have loved to been a mouse in the ditch when you and Gina were cruzing by!! Funny!

  4. Hope the weather improves so you can try out that new swimsuit on the beach! If it rains, then I guess you can all just sit around and eat that Cream Cheese Pound Cake!

  5. We look forward to reading about the fun weekend you have planned with your former work friends.


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