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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Snowed Again And Dinner Guests

Last night the stars filled the sky and I had hopes for a beautiful day—nope, two more inches of snow.  While on our morning walk we had sunshine and blue skies—maybe it would be a nice day—nope, it snowed off and on all day—the snow is melting about as fast as it falls which makes for such nice mud and more mud! 

While we’ve been gone a couple trees fell across the driveway—Lonn discovered the trees one day when he came over to feed the horses.  He came back the next day bringing a chain saw cutting the trees in pieces he could move out of the way.  Michael spent the morning cutting the trees into firewood and hauling it home.  I cleaned a little, did some laundry and made lunch.

After lunch I made a run into Big Timber—our grocery store hasn’t improved over the winter—and dropped by the quilt shop.  Bonnie, the daughter of our good friends Larry and Kelli, purchased the shop over the winter and I wanted to see what new things she had brought in—some gorgeous fabrics, new patterns—fun and exciting!


Sarge and Sarah joined us for dinner tonight—Sarge and Michael caused lots of trouble all through their school years.  We had a great time visiting and laughing.  Sarah is a retired veterinarian and is a wealth of knowledge about such things as sandhill cranes.  The two of us ganged up on the guys—I’ve always felt it was easier for women to occupy their time after retirement and Sarah agrees with me! Smile 

Sarah brought me some spring:


IMG_6554See, we had blue sky for a while this morning but it didn’t last long—forecast for tomorrow is a little better.

A good day at home in Montana.


  1. The snow is beautiful. What could be better-- a fireplace, hot chocolate, popcorn & snow! Enjoy!

  2. I manage to occupy my time quite well, thankyou.

  3. OH geez, that snow as beautiful as it is, but look at the calendar....well it's Montana, I know.

  4. I enjoy seeing the snow in your pictures, but wouldn't want to experience it. ;)

  5. Snow sure does make the surroundings beautiful. The tulips will help remind you that it really is spring!


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