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Monday, April 1, 2013

Back To Quilting

Yep, I was back to quilting at least I was after I did the laundry in our brand spanking new laundromat two spaces over from our RV site, bathed Emmi and did a little cleaning.  Michael left for work about 11:30am and Mom came over just after noon to sew.  It is 7pm as I am writing this and I’m thinking this is going to be a very long evening until Michael gets home.

This evening after the temps started cooling I washed the windshield and re-attached our snap on window shades.  They really do help with the heat from the sun. 

Just wrote the checks for our taxes—that was an ouch this year!  When Michael and I first started traveling during Montana winters his Dad would retrieve our mail and pay our bills—we would then reimburse him.  In later years we put LoraLee’s name on our checking account, she received our mail then wrote the checks.   In the last few years we’ve had internet banking and boy does it make life easier!  It’s one of the things I like best about the internet world.  Michael was resistant for a long time but the ladies in our small, hometown bank convinced him it was the way to go.

I booked a condo for our gathering in late April—the ladies with whom I worked at Kimberly-Clark are coming to see me!  And Emmi gets to go!  It is located over by Corpus Christi on a canal near the beach—a beautiful condo—we should have a great time!

These are more photos from our week at Brazos Bend State Park.




IMG_6465This one’s for you brother dear!

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