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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Warning—this blog contains whining—don’t read the first three paragraphs if you don’t want to hear my whine!

IMG_2646This is what we looked at for almost six hours today, traffic and more traffic—this was modest, about noon, it was a zoo in Houston!!!  I had another appointment with the torture chambers of the vein clinic today for procedures with a fancy name: ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.  A solution which burns just a mite is injected into the varicose veins which didn’t get fried last week—guided by ultrasound.

The PA (Physician’s Assistant) who performed the procedure was very adapt and a doll!  When she was finished with this fancy sounding procedure she said, “I have some of the injectable left, would you like me to inject some of the visible spider veins?”  Of course I said yes! 

OK—on to the whining.  I had to get the short pants out as in shorts—my legs are now encased in the very tight thigh high support stockings AND both my legs are wrapped with a layer of elastic type bandage called koban.  AND this VERY young PA wants me to now apply a heating pad to my legs!  Does this VERY young PA not understand it is 80 degrees outside and I am menopausal???? 


OK—done with whining.

We enjoyed a very good lunch at the Salt Grass Steakhouse—very good!  And on to Aransas Pass to relieve Mom of Ms. Emmi. 

Here’s a shot of Michael working hard one night this week:



  1. I'm kinda envious... I haven't been warm in ages. Heating pad AND swaddled in a wrap! I think I missed some blogs recently... was this procedure due to phlebitis?

  2. Oh my word girl, You must have been miserable. Hope you heal very fast. Your honey looks like he was working very hard.

  3. Those leg bandages don't look like fun at all.

  4. I bet you were thrilled to get back to Aransas Pass following that crazy day.

  5. Pain! I can almost feel your pain. Hopefully, you don't have to wear those bandages too long in the heat. Crank up that AC and have your husband get out a winter coat!! Just keep thinking of those beautiful legs you'll have shortly!!

  6. butterbean carpenterApril 5, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    Howdy Janna,

    BUT, YOU'LL BE SO BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR BIKINI!!!! YEAH RIGHT!! You are so right about the 'torturer' , that must be a class they take in medical school or the horsespistols only hire ex-Marine DIs for Assistants!!! Thanks, Mike for the pic showing how HARD you work!!! Be careful and don't fall off!!! I warned you about HOOSTON traffic, Janna; THEY'RE CRAZY !!!! Mostly illegals from SOMEWHERE; Hooston is a SAFE-CITY for them!!! Hope the legs come out okay and you can wear the bikini, before going back home!!!


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