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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilt Finished

About 4pm I took Jeane’s quilt off the frame, trimmed and photographed it then took the quilt around the park to some of the quilting ladies for a little showing off. Smile  I have it all boxed up, Jeane, and it will go to the post office in the morning!

And that’s about all I did today until late this afternoon when Mom and I started cooking.  Mom and Chuck were gracious enough to go get shrimp over in Rockport and I did a shrimp, potato and corn boil.  It was hard without Rollie’s help!!!  He had hoped to get away long enough to eat with us but it was not to be—he’s been working some tough hours lately!  Gina contributed a wonderful strawberry pie!  The food was all delicious and we missed you Rollie!


Tomorrow Emmi has a vet appointment and I will start getting our stuff together—we aren’t taking much as we have clothes and all the other stuff at home.  We are both very excited about going home.


For the last several days our air conditioners have run non-stop.  After last evenings’ little cold front we needed the heater this morning.  A thunderstorm rolled through here this morning about 3am with strong winds and pouring rain.  Very noisy and the motorhome was rocking!  Rain is good here, very good!

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