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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yikes It’s Hot

97 degrees today—way too hot for Montana this time of year and with only 37% humidity!  Our house is not air conditioned—we open all the doors and windows at night letting the cool air in then shut everything in the morning.  The house stays reasonably cool until about 2pm then starts to heat up—right now it’s dang hot in here!

We both were just kind of vegetables today—I did go downstairs to the basement and work on some little sewing projects—it’s cooler down there! 

Nat came for lunch, we had tenderloin steaks and I roasted a chicken I had thawed—the guys ate steaks and I ate chicken—it was delicious!  I used the gas grill for roasting the chicken and cooking the potatoes so as not to heat up the house any more than necessary!  We enjoyed some more radishes out of the garden along with a tomato/basil/mozzarella cheese salad.  Watermelon and honey dew melon for dessert. 

Late this afternoon we drove into Big Timber and enjoyed an ice cream bar—at the Fort, our local gas station/convenience mart/liquor store a couple rode in on a Harley in full leathers.  We used to ride a bike and I know the why’s and what for’s behind the leather but I really don’t think I could have done it—97% outside and encased in black leather!  Then to top it off the transmission on his Harley had locked up, it wouldn’t go forward, wouldn’t go backwards!  We gave them the names of the nearest Harley dealers—it was after 5pm and I doubt either business was open, poor guy!

IMG_3748 Look what’s hatching under our deck—gonna be a crowded nest!

IMG_3749This morning we were encased in fog—strange for this time of year but this heat is just cooking the moisture out of the ground.

Off to water the plants!


  1. I betcha the couple in leathers were my brother and sis in law! They are moving along in that area and both wear leathers with their bikes. How fun!


  2. Ewww this heat and humidity just makes us melt. This week has settled down to normal summer temps in Wisconsin, but last week was a 90+ scorcher here!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Since they are blue, I'm guessing those are Robin's eggs? That's about all I really know about bird eggs though. Not a bad lunch you whipped up there!!

  4. Things are heating up where you are....and many along our mighty Fraser River are forced out of home due to flooding. Nature's wrath, right?

    The Harley riders in leather looked cool...but I bet they were overheating. I hope the locked tranny was a short term problem and that they were able to get rolling.

  5. awww new babies...lunch sounded some good...not much heat here yet..


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