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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weeds, Weeds and A Quilt Show

I had three things on my to do list for today—stake the tomatoes, done.  Weed the strawberries—done—I’m starting to think purchasing strawberries at Costco is much, much easier!!  Sorry Claire!!  And destroy the nasty burdock weeds which were sprouting seed pods across the creek.  We hate to spray there because our bird feeders hang over this area and I worry about the birds ingesting the weed spray when the little feathered critters eat from the ground.  Even though the labels state it is safe to use under aspen trees, it just doesn’t seem the smart thing to do so, off I go shovel in hand climbing around on that steep hillside with sweat running down into my eyes!!  UGH—but I got it done.  Michael stood on the deck and helped me spot the weeds which needed cutting then he couldn’t stand it anymore and rigged himself a long pole attachment to one of our weed hooks.  He could then reach across the creek and nab the ones nearest the water.

It was a good thing Michael was up before 5am and I followed a little after 5:30—we were able to get most of the outside chores done before it got so hot. 

There is a reason Montana is on fire—here is a photo taken around noon today of our weather station. IMG_3760 Note the 11% in the lower right corner—that’s humidity—there is absolutely no moisture in the air, none!  And it was 90 degrees again today with wind—perfect fire conditions!

One of the ladies whom I’ve done quilting for decided to stage a quilt show this weekend to benefit cancer victims in our community.  With the help of many others Linda pulled off a fantastic quilt show!  Here are some photos of the hanging quilts:

IMG_3761Pieced and hand quilted by our friend Joan—isn’t it stunning!!

IMG_3763This quilt made me cry because I not only know the owner well, I knew the person who pieced the quilt.  It belongs to my friend Dava and was made for her by her Mom, Dottie who lost her battle to cancer in January, 2012.  It was made for Dava’s 40th birthday from favorite outfits she wore as a child.  The backing is made from the curtains which hung in Dava’s nursery.  What a special gift to cherish!!

IMG_3774I can’t remember who this one belonged to but it is beautiful!


Mary P’s quilt and Shirley’s lonestar both of which I quilted for them.

IMG_3769Jane’s happy quilt which I also quilted.

It was a tremendous show being the first one ever—great job ladies!!

We grabbed a few groceries and headed home—Michael did very well on his first outing—but sorry guys, he had to let me drive!!! 


  1. Wow those were amazing quilts Janna. Very talented ladies for sure.

  2. Wow!! Well done, ladies!! Gorgeous quilts...I especially love Dava's quilt and the story behind it!! She will treasure that quilt forever!! Thanks for sharing, Janna!!

  3. I sure hope the potential for forest fires doesn't materialize - unlike those unfortunate in Colorado. Feel free to send some of the heat westward though.

  4. butterbean carpenterJune 30, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Michael, the Dr. didn't say you could 'hook-down' burdock plants this soon!!!
    Those things are as tough as sunflowers; SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! Y'all don't know 'HOT n DRY'... My wheelchair got stuck in the DUST while I was watering the horses yesterday, about 300 yards from the house; I liked to have never got it moving(I was barefooted, too, also)so, I pulled myself along the fence until the wheels got a grip in the DUST and I could GO!!! Janna, those quilts are really beautiful and showed a lot of HAND-work; a 'guild' should have finished quilting them BY HAND.. Please, don't let Mike tear something loose!!

  5. Oh I just love the one made from the childhood clothes...awwwwww

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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