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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blanket Trip

I’m not doing so well in the blog writing department lately!!  First our internet dies then we take a road trip and stay in a motel with no wifi!!  We are back, 600 miles later from a trip to buy blankets!!

Blankets?? 600 miles?? you might ask???  We are trying to decorate the inside of the Tin Tee Pee with a cabin theme.  I found this blanket in our closet—we think it might have belonged to Michael’s mother???

IMG_3708It is an original Hudson’s Bay wool blanket and appears to have never been used—the colors are that vivid!!  See the black marks on the left side—those are size indicators.  Three and a half marks indicates this blanket is a twin bed size.  The orange tag on the bottom left is the original label. 

Any way, perfect for the trailer but we only had one.  Found lots of other sizes on eBay but not any twins which we thought were in good enough condition.  Michael was surfing Craigslist and found TWO twin bed size blankets in good condition—but the kicker—they were in Spokane, WA!!  We emailed the owner back and forth trying to figure out how to pay for and get these blankets.  She agreed to meet us in Missoula, 300 miles for us and a little less than 300 miles for her as she lived north of Spokane about 30 miles. 

We drove over Sunday afternoon spending the night in the little historic mining town of Philipsburg, MT.  Managed to get a few hours sleep on concrete beds with concrete pillows (we missed our RV!!!) and then drove over the most beautiful back road, Rock Creek Road, into Missoula today.  Saw a fox and then a huge moose in the middle of the river—couldn’t get a clear photo of the moose, he was moving way too fast.

 IMG_3688Concrete bed motel!!IMG_3690View from the motel—see the ski runs on the mountain behind the building?

IMG_3696My favorite cowboy!!

IMG_3697A little USFS cabin you can rent—I wanted to go look in the windows but someone was staying there.

IMG_3699This is frequently my view going down the road!!


Michael was brave and walked out onto this swinging bridge over the creek.

IMG_3704There are many, many places to boondock along this beautiful creek and also several organized campgrounds.  The road is NOT for the faint of heart or for big rigs—we would never dream of taking the motorhome up there, maybe the Tin Tee Pee.  We did pass passenger cars traveling the road. 

OK, back to blankets—the blankets we bought today are in really good condition but have obviously been used and washed—the colors are not near as vivid.  Someone has also sewn a satin band around one edge of the blanket so it won’t scratch when pulled up under your nose!! SmileIMG_3707The blankets we purchased.

IMG_3708Our blanket—see how vivid the yellow stripe is?  But, the two we purchased will look great in the Tin Tee Pee!!!

600 miles later we both have our feet up and are catching up on news and blogs.


  1. That is a long ways to drive for blankets but they really do look great. I am so looking forward to see your Tin TeePee when you get it finished.

  2. Beautiful scenery on your way to purchase the blankets. I can't wait for the Tin TeePee to be completed so we can see pictures of it. It sounds wonderful.

  3. Really like the looks of that backroad. Looks as if it's made for a Casita or Tin TeePee. Those blankets don't look to bad, either. Great post.....jc

  4. they sell those blankets at our local Hudson's Bay store..just five minutes down the road!..I am sure you got a better deal on craig's list rather than paying full price..will have to look and see how much they sell for new!

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    try $275 for one twin blanket..I am sure even with the cost of gas and the night in the still saved some money!

  7. There's nothing like a good Hudson's Bay Blanket to keep you warm and cozy on a cold night and they last forever too! You sure must have wanted them badly to drive all the way to Missoula to get them. Hmmm .... reminds me of someone else I know whose name begins with a P.

  8. Those blankets bring back nice memories. My mother had a few of them....but where they are now is anyone's guess. Nice trip to go pick them up.....other than the concrete beds.

  9. What's this go to Missoula for a Hudsons Bay blanket, you could have just run up to their homeland and our extra bed is not rock hard. But I guess when the Bay first started trading those blankets Washington was a part of their homeland.

  10. great pics Janna....I'd drive that many miles for a 'must have' also...nice little road trip for you!!


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