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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

This one was warmer than yesterday with very little wind.  My dear husband installed our garden and pond area sprinkler system today—isn’t he the best!!!  No more dragging hoses around, YEA!!!

I quilted a few hours today, made lunch and about mid-afternoon got a burst of energy—decided to do some weed whacking!!!  By the time I was finished whacking all the weeds around here and the ones down at the road by the worm fence, my burst of energy had departed!  Michael’s burst of energy this afternoon led him to apply two tanks of weed spray to our never ending supply of weeds.

Michael wanted to adjust the head gate at the top of our irrigation ditch this morning so that became our walk—it is a beautiful walk—different views of the mountains, lots of trees and running water in the irrigation ditch.


IMG_3668That’s our house in the bottom of this photo—when we are coming back from the location of the head gate you can see our roof.  Our other house on the ranch we used to own was built way up on a hill and had awesome views but also had some awesome wind!!!  When we decided to build a new house we did what the old timers did—nestled the house into a coulee/gulch.  The original homestead cabin for this land sat on the same spot as our current house.  There were foundation rocks and an old abandoned well here by the creek.  While we love our house by the creek, we do miss those views at times! 

 IMG_3663It always amazes me when birds light on the horses’ butts—doesn’t seem to faze Roan—we don’t feed our horses very well around here do we??? Smile


  1. Yep we had great views from the old house but this one in the trees has better weather.

    Is that just one horse or are there two in that skin?

  2. I'm thinking that horse has been eating some of your cooking! :)

  3. It is a beautiful day in your neighborhood!!!

  4. what a lovely day in Montana!!..thanks for sharing the photos..spectacular!

  5. All of your pictures look like paintings!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. It was a beautiful day. We're in Helena and had a quick rainstorm go through. We were out having dinner and didn't even realize it rained til we came outside and everything was wet. Your beautiful horse's belly looks like our Scooters belly. Except her belly drags through the grass.


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