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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back To Work

There’s that bad word again—work—but that’s what we did after taking a walk in wind which felt as if it was blowing off a snow bank!!  Cold!!  And the wind blew all day. 

My work consisted of laundry and quilting—getting close to the end of Marti’s Rocky Mountain High quilt!!  Lots and lots of stitch in the ditch which contrary to belief is difficult to do on a longarm quilting machine—much easier on a regular sewing machine! 

Michael’s work consisted of installing more flooring in the Tin Tee Pee—he ran into a slight problem today!  The toilet has foot flushing pedals and the thickness of the new flooring would not allow the pedals to be operated correctly—uh,oh—toilet had to come out!!  When he started this project he optimistically predicted the flooring would be installed in two days—he’s revised that schedule now!

Emmi spent most of the day outside playing with the ball and getting her people to kick the ball when one of us came out. 

IMG_7291Recycled from last June, there was a lot more snow on the mountains this same time last year.


  1. Here' s my favorite saying for Mike's toilet situation: I only intended to drain the swamp and now I'm up to my rear in alligators!! Hope all goes well today!

  2. As for Mike's toilet install, I'm glad to hear Mr. Murphy is in Montana but sorry to hear he is watching over Mike's reno! I've heard the quilting term "stitch in a ditch" a lot, but still don't know what it means - I guess that's because I don't really need to know!

  3. At least you guys didn't make the dumb mistake I made by having a new elevated toilet installed on an already elevated platform. And, can you imagine, the characters that built our Motorhome actually put carpet in the bathroom & even on the elevated platform as well!!


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