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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Of The Same

Michael headed off early this morning for the West Boulder—he is finishing up the road project he started last fall.  Emmi and I took a walk with gun in hand—yesterday Emmi and Michael came very close to getting bitten by a rattlesnake.  Have I said before—I HATE snakes!!

After our walk I went into town to get milk and some plants for my deck planters at the nursery belonging to our friend Kelly.  Jill was there helping Kelly unload the truck which comes every Tuesday.  They were both giving me grief for coming in the little convertible—how was I supposed to spend any money??  Nothing would fit in that little car!!  I managed!

Made myself some lunch and then hopped on the riding lawnmower mowing our walking paths, the edges of the driveway and the grounds around the worm fence.   On the way back up the driveway it began to sprinkle and by the time I reached the garage it was raining.  A quick rain storm then sunshine again.  So, I took the lawnmower up to the shed on top where we store it and began to walk back down to the house.  Sprinkles then hail—Emmi was sitting in the open doorway of the garage and headed to the house with me—she didn’t like hail and kept trying to dodge the little ice balls.

The tomato plants I put in the ground and in pots yesterday look a little better today—planting shock I guess.

My family in Arkansas experienced some of the heavy storms which have been traveling through that area—my sister and her husband have a tree on their barn.  Several years ago they experienced a tornado which caused extensive damage and flooding to their home. 

Lonn sent me some cool photos he took of us in the kayak this past weekend:Kayaking-002Looks like dear husband is taking a break!!

kayaking2-001See little Emmi’s head just below Michael’s paddle?

Another busy day in Montana.  We are having basil/tomato soup for dinner—a recipe I found on Pinterest—we will see if it is any good!


  1. I bet if Mike fell overboard his hat would keep him afloat.

  2. What sidearm do you carry for the sneaky-snakes?? Shotshells? I'm always worried about stepping on one when in a snake area.

  3. Your kayaking looks like fun, but Mike looks like he is too cold to paddle.

  4. great shot of your kayaking adventure!..last time Doug and I were in a canoe he told me that the front person has to do all the paddling and the one in the back had to just sit there and look handsome!..looks like Mike has that position down pat!!

  5. I think you need one of those rear view mirrors they use to keep an eye on kids so you can keep an eye on Michael.

  6. I love tomato/basil soup, I hope the recipe was good. Mike has you trained well, as he sits back and takes in the scenery!! (((smile)))

  7. In Palm Springs they advertise a rattlesnake vaccine for dogs. Have you ever heard of it? Sounds good but what about one for us poor humans?

  8. I thought rattlesnakes only came out when it was super hot. The hail may have sent them back into their underground holes.

    Nice photos on the lake....and Michael seems to be doing his bit by steering the kayak. Someone has to guide the direction and keep things on track. LOL


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