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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Warm One

Not 100 degrees, only near 90 but still hot especially when you are out in the sun!  I did some weed whacking and mowing down by our pond this morning.  Michael felt well enough to seed this same area with grass seed while I made lunch.  We had shrimp and corn on the cob.

Last night I made a flying trip to Big Timber for milk—what’s the hurry you might ask??  Eight miles up the East Boulder road sits a platinum and palladium mine.  When the mine was being developed a group of concerned citizens was formed to serve as representatives for the residents of the East Boulder road in negotiations with the mine management.  There were two concessions the residents gained as a result of this—workers must be bussed to the mine—management can drive their own vehicles but miners working in the mine have to ride a bus significantly decreasing the traffic on our little country road.  The other concession was dust suppression.  The mine maintains the road using private contractors—we have the best road in Sweet Grass County.  Several times a year the mine has a contractor apply dust suppression liquid—magnesium chloride.  Mine staff call all the residents warning them the road will be “gunked” on a specific date.  We all try to stay home until the stuff dries—it is sticky, sticky and will rust your car quickly if not removed.  Nasty stuff but it does eliminate the dust—six of one, half a dozen of another! 

So, that was the reason for my trip to town—I needed milk and bananas before the road got sticky today and tomorrow.  The Big T IGA had milk (amazing) but no bananas (not surprising!). 

After lunch I took the skidsteer and attempted removing the trees which fell on the road while we were in Billings.  Got most of them carted away but the one tree is still too long, it will need to be cut into lengths and that won’t be happening any time soon.  The tree is off the driveway so it can wait until husband is feeling better.

Last chore of the day was using the Mantis tiller in the garden—getting rid of weeds, the little tiller works wonders.  My garden is looking great—IMG_3753One of several baby squash!!!

IMG_3755Tomato plant blossoms—never mind that my sister-in-law Vicky is canning tomato juice in Arkansas—at least I have blossoms!! Smile

IMG_3756And I think we are going to have potatoes!

Michael is feeling better today, has walked a lot outside and inside in between napping.  He even picked and cleaned the radishes for me!!   He is being a good patient—maybe he remembers that new iron skillet I bought a few weeks ago??


  1. we are very behind right now too. The lilacs are just coming out and blooming now.

  2. Yep! you'll be eating squash really soon. Our tomatoes are burning up with the drought, but we did have a pretty good crop.

  3. The iron skillet would scare me too! We don't have a veggie garden to watch grow but I sure wish the grass would stop growing!

  4. It's always a tread off! Live with dust or face the rust! Interesting tid bit of information I did not know about.

    Your garden looks good and should be bearing fruit...ah....veggies...soom!


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