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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Trip Up The Boulder

It was to be a beautiful day and we decided to take the jeep and go up the Boulder.  Our UPS man, Bill, had told us yesterday the wind had blown down lots and lots of trees blocking the road for a day or so—we went to see.  Wish you could have been with us Gina and Rollie!!!

And the UPS man was correct, hundreds of trees uprooted by this wind storm, micro burst thing we have in this part of the country.  We drove all the way to what is called Box Canyon then the road was blocked by downed trees.

IMG_3618But first we had to navigate the construction zone—road construction everywhere this time of year in Montana, even on the Boulder road!

IMG_3621Emmi’s favorite place to ride.

IMG_3624The Boulder River this time of year is roaring!

IMG_3626Trees down, we aren’t going any farther!

IMG_3635The USFS has been doing a fuel reduction program up the Boulder—supposed to make it easier to fight a forest fire in an area where there is only one very poor road for going and coming.  To us folks who live here—it looks as if a big huge mess was made!!

IMG_3636State of the art comfort station at the East Fork ranger station.


IMG_3645The sign in front of the jeep states, “no motorized vehicles.” 

IMG_3631A marmot, the only wildlife we saw today with the exception of two ducks!

We took a picnic lunch and just had a great time.  Back home around 3pm, worked in the garden a little then headed to the McLeod Bar to have dinner with friends:  Geoff & Nancy, Robyn & Claire, George & Shirley.  Great steaks and burgers!! 

A good Friday in Montana, tonight it is raining!

Peter and Beatrix, Emmi is a miniature schnauzer, a very spoiled rotten mini schnauzer!


  1. I want to go back to AZ. It's raining here in ID also and I don't like it. Maybe if it wasn't cold also, I wouldn't mind so much. Looks like an awful lot of water in that river.

  2. What beautiful country! We had a big microburst here in Colorado up on the Flattops a number of years ago, took down lots of trees. Now it's a snag forest, though they've cleaned up a lot of it.

  3. sounds like a fun day in the bright yellow jeep!!! orange one following behind would be even better!!..thanks for sharing your Friday!..ours was filled with work..blech!

  4. It's good riding in a Jeep, so the man can keep his hat on - but it almost touches the roof. You guys traveling up the road with a chainsaw? I think that would have been a good idea. Beautiful pics like always. Love that part of the country.
    PS: I see you are getting site visitors from Norway. Wonder how they found your blog.

  5. Can't wait till we get to Colorado...wish it was gonna be sooner than later..Your photos make me wish we could come now!

  6. Sparky is a little geography challenged, I see. :)

    (don't know if this will go through...having trouble with reception :( )

  7. Sure looks like you would never want to be caught out in the boonies during one of those micro-burst storms. Could be scary.

  8. butterbean carpenterJune 9, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    How often do those micro-bursts happen and when?? I have a friend, who is now in Wyoming, just S of Yellowstone in a horse-drawn RV ( and I keep wondering about that high-mountain weather!! He almost got killed in Mississippi 3 years ago by a wet-back trucker WHO WAS TEXTING at 70mph!!! He's circling the Rockies, from Montana to Arizony in a year.. He lives in LaGarita,CO.. Y'all are as bad as we are, going to see the damage!! Emmi is just Jim's dog is all; schnauzers are that way, naturally spoiled!! We had one!! How's your garden growing??


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