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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunshine, Sunshine

We saw our first bear of the season a few days ago—walking along our creek side path Michael built we heard rocks rolling, looked up over the hill and a small light brown bear was perched up there looking down on us.  He quickly took off—we think we disturbed his morning nap—glad he didn’t wake up grumpy!

Breezy today but the warm sunshine felt great.  My poor tomato plants still have a decidedly unhealthy look—oh, well, maybe I’ll get tomatoes about October???  IMG_3657

Michael took off early this morning to go help friends Robyn and Claire with a small plumbing issue, came home for lunch and was off again to finish up. 

Let’s see, what did I do today???  Laundry, quilting, planted pepper plants in the garden under the plastic shelter, mixed paint, painted, hated it—now I need to go back to the paint store.  And most important of all, played basketball with Ms Emmi.  She was not feeling well yesterday, lost her lunch and then some—today she seems to be fine and is eating. 


A fine day in Montana.


  1. With that wonderful scenery, how can a day not be fine in Montana?

  2. We're in Dillon tonight and it was a beautiful day today. Went up to Bannack and didn't even need a coat. I'm so happy. Now if it will just stay this way all summer. Yea right. Glad Emmi is feeling better. Our Skitz had a couple of days of not feeling good and you worry about them so much.

  3. Such beautiful country! Always a treat to see your photos.

  4. Bears, huh? We don't have brown bears, only black ones. I haven't seen any this year, but there have been reports of a mom and her three yearling cubs roaming around.

  5. At least the bear was on the other side of the creek! Beautiful shots of the mountains.

  6. butterbean carpenterJune 12, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Brown bears like little black colored animals for lunch!! With the drought a lot of their food supply died out; they are getting hungrier and more aggressive.. Keep a sharp eye on Emmi!! As for Rick Doyle, Rick those bears don't need a bridge to cross a ditch!! I'm glad y'all finally got sunshine AND WE GOT RAIN!!!


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